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I must admit that I am a craft beer lover and what a joy it was when I walked into my best local beer selection store than to be told this following statement by Jordan Goodwin of Tulsa, Oklahoma who is one of the workers there.  He said to me,


“Hey Jeremy, I just made one of my best home brewed craft IPA beers and I have one here for you to try so you can give me feedback on it.”

Best Home Based Business Ideas - Make Beer At Home


Talk about putting a smile on my face!  Matter of fact, I think I had a “perma-smile” the rest of the afternoon that day (which was yesterday to be precise)!


I’ll tell you more about his homemade craft beer IPA in a moment along with my full review of it, but first I wanted to share with you what I think could be one of the most fun and Best Home Based Business Ideas for Beer Lovers or Beer Enthusiasts that you could start from home.

This business idea to Make Beer at Home came to me soon after I returned home and tried his self-made beer, then said to myself…


“Wow…this is really good and one of the Best IPA Beer homebrews I’ve ever tasted!  Jordan should seriously consider starting a home based business around his craft and begin marketing his talents through his product!


And on top of that, I need to ask his permission to write a beer review about him and his beer (of which he named, “Pliny Clone”) so that I can help inspire other beer lovers to pursue their passions of starting their own microbrewery from home and turning it into a profitable business that could potentially improve their lives and their incomes all while having fun doing something they love!”


Wouldn’t that be awesome!  🙂


Heck, you wouldn’t even need a physical storefront…all you’d have to do is create a worldwide online presence by Getting Started Online with Your Own Online Craft Beer Website and you could just work from home and market your business and your awesome beer products on the internet!


Now because it is alcohol, I’m sure there are some Government Regulations that you would have to abide by so before you actually start selling and/or shipping your product, you should always check with your local, state, and country’s laws, bylaws, regulations, procedures and licensing requirements ahead of time.


However, you could still start your own website and at the least, begin building a following (otherwise known as a “Fan Base” or “Subscriber’s List”) by writing articles such as:

  • How to Start Your Own MicrobreweryBest Home Based Business Ideas - Make Beer At Home
  • The Art of Crafting Your Own Beer
  • Home Brewed IPA Recipes (or any other type of beer recipe)
  • A Personal Story About How You Began Your Love for Making Beer
  • A Story About Your Future Brewery Plans
  • Reviews on MicroBrewery Kits
  • How To Videos
  • …And Any Other Related Topic


While you’re waiting on Licensing and such, you could be monetizing your website/blog by placing banner ads for various products, books, how-to manuals, etc.


Or you could even write your own book or ebook on “How To Brew Beer Successfully in Your First Try,” or something like “A Brewer’s Guide to Opening a Nano Brewery” and then sell it on your site and through social media platforms for further income options.


If this has peaked your interests at all and you would like to know where to start, I have written a detailed article here on that explains both the easiest and the Least Expensive way that I have ever found for someone to get started online, and you can view this article here:  “Get Started Easy & Inexpensively


Just a thought worth considering!  🙂



Now On To My Full Review of Jordan Goodwin’s “Pliny Clone” Beer


Home Crafted Beer Name:  “Pliny Clone”

Creator / Brewer’s Name:  Jordan Goodwin

Date of Beer Review:  February 20, 2016

Location of Production:  Tulsa, Oklahoma

Categories Reviewed:

  • Aroma
  • Taste
  • Texture
  • Appearance
  • After Effect
  • Final Verdict




The first scent that came to my mind was actually one that I’ve never experienced in a beer until now, and that scent being one of a cannabis nature which was very pleasing.  Other enjoyable scents I noticed were those of hops and citrus tones including sweet grapefruit and a hint of orange or possibly orange peel.

I would put the scents in order like this (according to my nostrils that is…LOL!):

  • Cannabis
  • Sweet Grapefruit
  • Hops
  • Orange (or possibly Orange Peel)



For Taste, I broke this down into two categories as follows:

  • Frontend Taste = A sweet and lightly hopped, hydrating Grapefruit flavor that was very pleasing, even at first sip.Best Home Based Business Ideas - Make Beer At Home
  • Backend Taste = Dryer, lightly bitter with an enjoyable flowery lavender aftertaste.



Very smooth with just the right touch of carbonation, making it very easy to drink without the bloating feeling.  Much easier to drink than even a soda!



Clean and clear with an Orangish-Yellow complex delivering light froth and soft bubblies.



Very enjoyable, slightly warm, cozy and relaxing feeling.  Perfect for a sunny afternon on any given day.



My “go-to” beer as of late has been Founder’s All Day IPA (due to a combination of price and quality) and when I compared Jordan’s “Pliny Clone” to Founders side by side, my overall opinion is that I would switch to this beer and never look back at Founder’s All Day IPA ever again if Jordan had his beer readily available, considering the fact of whether they were comparably priced of course.  🙂




Do YOU Think You Have What It Takes To Make a Beer Like Jordan’s?

If you’re a home brewer and you honestly believe that you have a great batch that you would like me to put to the test and write a review about, then feel free to leave me a comment below describing your beer(s) and then I’ll contact you regarding setting up a date and time for the testing if you’re in Tulsa, Oklahoma or surrounding areas.


For the rest of you that are outside of this area, if you desire for me to taste test and review your beer(s), then you’ll have to figure out a legal way of shipping it to me for me to do so.  Just leave a comment in the box below and I’ll contact you regarding the address you’d need to ship it to.


Now if you’d like to buy some of Jordan’s beer, you’ll have to contact me directly so that I can put you in touch with him as he did not desire to release his contact information at this time.  So just leave me a comment below and tell me that you’re interested in purchasing some of Jordan’s IPA “Piny Clone” beer and I’ll reach back out to you via private email to obtain your contact information of which I will pass on to him once you have sent it to me.

Best Home Based Business Ideas - Make Beer At Home


You’re more than welcome to leave all questions, thoughts, suggestions and recommendations in the comment box below.  I’ll generally respond within 24 to 48 business hours.




If this article has inspired you to begin your own home brewer that you can build a business around to create some extra income and that you’d like to market to the world online, then your next step is to “Get Started HERE.”




If so, then please tell me about what you liked most in the comment section below, as well as what you’d like to see me write about next so that I can continue providing highly relevant information to you of which you are interested in.  Thank You!


All The Best,

Jeremy Wilson, Founder & Executive Director of




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