Escaping the Rat-Race!

For individuals who currently have a job or employment but truly desire to leave their job, thus escaping the rat-race and want to find a way to either be their own boss, start a business of their own or find other non-traditional methods of earning income other than a J.O.B. (by our definition, meaning, “J.ust O.ver B.roke”).

Ways To Reduce and Eliminate Debt 5 comments
One of these may be YOU….Does any of these items ring a bell with you or someone you know?   You’ve been Fired from your Job. You’ve been Denied Employment. You’ve failed at business. You’ve been laid off. Nobody will hire you because You’re pregnant. Nobody will hire you because […]

Ways To Reduce and Eliminate Debt + FREE Guide to Becoming Debt-Free and Financially Independent

  Do you have a low paying job or are you feeling like you’re just not making enough to ever obtain any amount of success?  I believe that we all, if not most of us, have thought this very same thing…and most likely, there are many of who still feel […]

5 Ways to Still Be Successful in a Low Paying Job – Sound Impossible?