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Have you fallen victim to online scams and you’re simply sick and tired of all the “hype”?


Are you sick and tired of searching for “Real” opportunities on the internet only to find that you’ve been robbed of your hard earned money and lied to on top of that?


If you are like I was and your answer is YES, then you are going to want to read this entire page from top to bottom.


I am going to do my absolute best to help you save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, and show you exactly how you can get started with your own online business for FREE (Start Your Own Piece of Online Real Estate) within the next few minutes, no matter what product or service you want to promote…


…even if it is your own product, service or even an existing business that you may own or manage!



How To Make Money With Mobile Game Apps


If you are similar to most people, you may have already tried to achieve success online but you have run into some roadblocks along the way, or even found yourself at a “dead-end” at some point or another.  You may have had all the necessary pieces, tools, systems, etc. but you just could not get them put all together no matter how hard you tried.


Don’t feel bad because this is the same situation that most people find themselves in when they blindly try to start a business online with nothing to guide them along the way.


Then within no time flat, they realize that they are massively confused and their confusion turns to frustration which ultimately causes them to decide to quit even in the early stages.


How To Get Started In Your Own Online Business


It is for this reason that I am here sharing this with you today because I have been there myself…


…(trying to learn the hard way of getting started online…without direction or coaching) and I know how aggravating and disappointing it can be.  


So please let me help save you the migraine headache of it all and allow me to show you how you can learn and benefit from my previous mistakes.



“Let me help by showing you the CORRECT path to Getting Started Online without the Headache!”


Let me just come right out and say this, and it may come across as a little gruff for some of you, but it’s the absolute truth…and that is, SCAMs and hyped up non-working products and services piss me off!


And there are way too many of them out there…trust me!


I’ve fallen for my fair share of them in the past (hence the “learning the hard way” statement I made above).


What I learned through “being scammed” so many times is that if a product, a service, a guru, an MLM business opportunity, Network Marketing gig or online educational platform…


…(or anything else you can think of for that fact) will NOT let you “Try it BEFORE you buy it,” then it’s a high probability that it could be a scam.

Get Started


Remember this the next time you go to buy something online or try to find a way to make money online because this one fact alone could literally help save you thousands,


…not to mention saving you the heartache of having to turn around and tell your family about how you lost the family’s emergency savings fund to another scam.


It is for this very reason that when you look at the various services on my website that you will see that I only recommend services or opportunities that are either completely/totally free or free to try them out or get a sample before you whip out your wallet to pay a single penny, nickel or dime.


Get Started With Your Own Online Business For FreeA good example of this is to think of it like buying a new automobile.


It is highly common that before sign the dotted line on that purchase contract or even put any money down, that before you purchase that new Car, Truck, Minivan, SUV or Electric Car that you are allowed not only to take it for a “test drive” but that you also get to play with all the gadgets and try out all the cool new features…


…and you get to do all this at absolutely NO CHARGE to you!


Matter of fact, sometimes the dealer will even reimburse you the gas you spent to drive to their car lot just to get you to come and look at their selection.


What happens if you like the product (or the new car in this example) and you really want it?


Well, then you have the option of purchasing the new automobile if you are happy with the “test drive (which the test drive is equal to “trying it before buying it”), and hence, you go on to buy it.


However, if the car drove like crap, or it smelled funny, or didn’t look as good in person as it did in the photos, or it was leaking oil…then you don’t have to buy it and you haven’t “wasted” any money at all and you walk away clean, with you money still in hand at this point.


As I stated earlier, it is for this very reason that I only refer you to services or opportunities that you get to “test drive” or “try before you buy” so that you can actually experience them for yourself while getting a real good “inside look” that allows you to practically touch, feel, taste and smell (so to speak…lol) them way before you ever pull out your credit care or spend a single red cent of your own hard earned cash.


Get Started For FreeThat all being said, I can assure you that here at, we only recommend or refer try before you buy systems and we even go one step further and test them ourselves so that we can establish the quality and legitimacy of the service, product or opportunity before you buy into any of them.


This is why you’ll notice on the main, top menu of our website, you’ll see two distinct buttons…one says, “The Legits” (which are the ones we recommend) and the other says “The Scams” (which are the ones we do NOT recommend).


The Scams button is there to help people know which ones to steer clear of altogether, which is a friendly FREE service we provide to you here.


[…please note that we’re currently working on building out the scams section so there’s not much there at this time, but please do help us all by “Reporting a Scam” on that page if you know of one or have experienced one.  Thank you in advance!]


I think you get my point by now, so without any further ado, let us get into the online success stuff and discuss what YOU will need to achieve success within the scope of the World Wide Web.


First, ask yourself this question…


What has been the Single Most Crucial Thing That is Preventing You From Obtaining Success Online?


[These are actual questions from me, myself (Jeremy), to You, yourself.]


What is it?


You know, that single thing that has been haunting you thus preventing you from obtaining or reaching success as of yet in your tedious searches and attempts to create an income in the online world?


  • Get Started - Wealthy Affiliate ReviewIs it a crippling fear of failure?  (this is the #1 reason for most people)
  • Do “new things” or unknown things scare you?  (this would be “the fear of the unknown)
  • Have you been scammed before and you’re worried you’ll get scammed again?  (or you’ve never been scammed but you’re scared that it could happen to you)?
  • In a nutshell, what is the main thing you are you scared of?
  • I ask these questions because there must be some reason, big or small, that has caused or kept you from achieving the success you desire up till now… am I correct?


I really do actually want to hear “Your WHY.”


Meaning your main reason as to why you think you haven’t achieved the success yet that you have been seeking after? (leave “your reason why” in the comment box below).


By doing so, you will help me to understand and serve you better as well as other people like you that are in the same situation.


Your story will also help MANY other folks get to the point of succeeding at a faster pace and a higher rate.



Once again, it is very likely that your lack of success with an online business is simply because you have previously been exposed to an ugly scam and if that is the case, I am so sorry for you because I personally know just how bad that really SUCKS!


However, I am going to help you completely turn that around today and assist you by walking you through legitimate and ethical programs online that I have already tested and tried and found them NOT to be a scam at all, but in fact, REAL opportunities that ACTUALLY do work!


The fact is that the difference between someone that achieves success online and a person that does NOT, can be narrowed way down to just a few things…and in all reality, it’s just three (3) things.



Only These THREE Things are Required to Build a Successful Business Online…


Get Started For Free

Have you ever read my personal story?


My bio?


If not, you can read all about it at


I started in the online world in early 2006 by becoming active with social media sites.


Back then it was just MySpace that was the rave of the online social communities.


I had a band at the time (which you can read about in my story link listed above) and I began using the internet to spread the word about my band and in helping me to “brand” my band as well.


Since then I have learned a lot!


Not only about social media and the power that it has to help grow a brand or a business but about online success in general too.


I have also learned much more about people.  Yep…that’s right, I said “people.”


I can already hear the question in your mind…you’re asking, “Well, Jeremy, what do “people” have to do with My Success Online?”


Great question!


The simple answer is that People create success in many various ways, and we all achieve it quite differently apart from each another.


However, there is one common thread that I have found amongst ALL people that have learned to earn money online, and it is precisely this one common thread that will also help YOU to begin earning an online income as well…and that common thread is….


(1) They ALL Have a 24/7 Help & Support Community (which is available to you too!)


If you are anything close to being even the slightest bit like me, then you probably get pretty frustrated when you “get stuck” on something and can’t seem to find help or support to get you “unstuck.”  Am I right?


To me, the ONLY thing that is way worse than being stuck is not having anyone, or being able to find anyone, that is willing to help you get unstuck when you need help the most.


It’s like having a flat tire on the highway out in the middle of nowhere with no spare and there are a million cars passing you by, but nobody pays any attention to you as you’re waving for help…


Get Started

…ever been there before?


Or ran out of gas?


Same thing!


So where on earth do you go to find top notch help when you need it?




(2) They Have Their Own Piece of “Online Real Estate” called: A Website!


Ever single successful online entrepreneur will tell you (if they’re honest that is) that it all started with building a website of their own.


So in all reality…


….No website = No success.”


If you are trying to go into the online world without a website of your own, you are going to have short lived success.




Those same “honest” and successful online entrepreneurs will also tell you (if they’re willing to share their secret with you that is….


whoops….I just did…HA!) …


…that if you want any chance of succeeding in the online world, You too will have to start with a website of Your very own and that if you do not have one of your own, you are surely going to have very short-lived success,


…if any success at all!



Does this make you worried even the slightest?  Don’t be!  Here’s why…


There is some really good news for You that we’ll get to in a minute!


Website design, layout, and building used to be very difficult because a website builder would have to know “code” otherwise known as HTML code, and if you’ve ever seen HTML code before, you know that it looks confusing and to the untrained eye, can definitely be very confusing…


…almost like a different language…well, I guess because, in the digital world, it is a language in and of itself.


The good news for you that I mentioned above is that you no longer need to “know HTML code” because building a website is now very, very easy…as easy as 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C!


The fact of the matter is that in just a few minutes from now, you can actually have Your very own personalized website built, up and running full-steam ahead and be live online in just moments from now.



Get Started

>>>>> FREE BOOK <<<<< Click the Book image above to Get Your FREE Book sent to you today (while supplies last).




Yes, you heard (or read) that correctly….in only moments from now and it gets even better!


You can do that all without spending eve a single penny of your own hard-earned cashola!


Sound too good to be true?  Well, it’s NOT!  So keep reading….


Remember what I said earlier?


You know, about choosing services and such that are the “try before you buy” type?


Remember the “test drive” analogy when going to look at buying a car?


Well, websites and website creation tools are definitely no different.


No different at all!


You should be able to try these tools before you buy them as well….and the even better news is, that in today’s advanced technology that is available to us all…You Can!

Get Started For Free


(3) They Absorb Education, Seeking Knowledge Regularly & Put It to Practice!

Did you know that without learning something or anything new, you are going to be “stuck” again because, without new things to learn and without the ability or willingness to learn, you will then become inept (meaning “unable or without skill”) to actually being able to “DO” something totally new.


Think of it like learning to swim.  


When I was a child, I desired to learn how to swim, so my parents had to help me some and they even assigned me a swim instructor (an “Educator”) to “train” me and supply me with the education I needed to not only just stay afloat in the water, but to be able to swim from one side of the pool to the other.


As a matter of fact, they even helped me by simplifying the process by putting extra “training” floaties on my arms or in the form of a life jacket to help me learn the sensation of floating so that I would become accustomed to it, thus creating confidence and the desire to keep practicing my swim strokes because I didn’t have to worry about drowning every time a wave slapped me in the face.


This educational support and reinforced guidance helped me by leaps and bounds and before I knew it, I was beginning to swim on my own…and without the floaties or life jackets!  Boy, was I excited!


Get Started


So how did this education and support help me?


  • They “took me by the hand” and walked me through training step by step
  • They instilled in me courage and confidence through self-motivation
  • And even though I may not have recognized this in my earlier years, I did one realize that the more you learn, the more you eventually know which leads to what some might call “muscle memory” meaning, the more you do naturally or by natural reflex without even having to think about it.


OK, I hear ya…you might be saying, “Well, Jeremy, I’m not a swimmer?”


That’s OK because you could use any example here.


Maybe you’re into another sport of some sort like football, basketball or baseball…or maybe you’re more into theater or music like a singer or songwriter.


I too love music so since we already mentioned swimming (which is a sport) will use the example of being a singer or songwriter (I used to be one myself…so this topic is very amusing to me).


Get StartedNow let’s think about someone we probably all know…hmmm…let’s say, Michael Jackson.


Once he learned to sing and dance, do you think that every time he got up to perform that Micheal Jackson actually had to think about the mechanics of every note he sang or every amazing dance move or step he took?


No, not at all!  Why?


Because he had been taught (educated) and through that education process, Michael Jackson practiced so much that he was literally able to depend on his “muscle memory” by letting his mind run completely free (unrestrained) and therefore, he was able to end up being named as one of the world’s best performers of all time…


…and he did so very naturally.


That, being said, What do you now think will happen to You when you get fully trained?


When you get fully educated?


And when you practice your training and education properly (putting your knowledge to work for you), then eventually you too will get to “take the floaties and the life jackets off” and soon you’ll be swimming all on your own with full confidence, gaining bits of success all along the way.



Literally Get Started With Zero, Zip, Zilch ($0.00)…


Have you realized that there is a “common theme” here to all of this???


1.   I really like the idea of getting into a business situation using existing knowledge, education and resources (otherwise known as “bootstrapping”)


2.  I truly believe that in order to become a success at anything online, a person needs help, assistance, and guidance (coaching) as well as a website, and proper training…REAL step by step training.


Here is what you are going to get when you sign-up for $0.


  • Personal Help & Support 24/7
    • Ability to get personal help (even straight from me…just look me up within the training system by my Username:  WilsonJeremy)
    • Help within a massive support community of 400,000+ members/users
    • Live Chat with Live Instant Support
    • Ongoing discussions on a wide variety of topics
  • 2 Free Websites – Free For Life Including Free Hosting
    • Two Free and Fully functional WordPress Websites
    • Free Lifetime Hosting for both of Your Free Websites
    • Free Setup Training to get You Ready to start making money online
  • Training “Out-the-Wazoo!”
    • Video Training Classes, Courses & Lessons
    • Tutorials on every online business topic available
    • Written Courses & Lessons
    • LIVE Video Webcast/Webinar Trainings
    • Entire Classrooms with hundreds and thousands of students to collaborate with.


Yeppers…You get all that for absolutely $0.00…zip…notta…zilch…and NO credit card required at all!


That may sound insane to you and that is simply because it is…it’s definitely NOT something you could find anywhere else and I know this because it is literally the only system like this that you can find anywhere in the world as of right now.


Now, of course, there is a Premium membership option that you should consider but it will give you access to WAY MORE and you can compare the differences between the free and the premium membership options in the graph below (click the photo chart below to enlarge if you need to see it better and to see the full list of options).


As can see in the screen capture photo below, choose the “Starter Membership at $0.00 per month” option and you will instantly get access to the community after you enter your login and sign-up details (like Username and Password you choose).


Join Wealthy Affiliate Today

If you’d like to know more, you may want to read my FULL Review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE

Got Questions???

If you have any questions about Getting Started online, I would be more than happy to help you at any time!  Just leave your questions, comments or concerns in the comment box below and I will do my best to get you an answer within two to three business days or earlier! :)


All The Best,

Jeremy David Wilson, Founder & Executive Director at


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Thank You!

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  • Forrets Finch

    I concur. I’ve been on the internet marketing merry-go-round since 2005 with very limited success. Spent loads of money, and time on mostly outdated or, just plain false information. I know what it’s like to put my heart and soul into a project and end up with very little to show for it.
    But I’m a resilient individual, so I keep looking. That is, until recently. I finally found what I was looking for. I wish I had found this 10 years earlier. It would have saved me a lot of time, and money.

    I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since November 2015. Went premium within a week of joining simply because I saw some real value for a change. A small price to pay for what I’m now experiencing in the internet marketing world. I’ve finally found a home. A place I can go to get my questions answered to help get me over the humps. This is the real deal, and I’m here to stay.