Happy New YOU Year 2016! - Your Chance to Improve, Inspire and Innovate

Happy New YOU Year 2016! – Your Chance to Improve, Inspire and Innovate 4 comments

Happy New YOU Year 2016! - Your Chance to Improve, Inspire and InnovateHappy New Year World!  It’s now January 1, 2016, and many people are beginning to plan their New Year’s Resolutions.  Every time a new year rolls around, the majority of us on this planet feel like we have not accomplished what we wanted to within the year before, much less in our entire lives.  Does this sound familiar?  Or better yet, does this “FEEL” familiar?


If so, and this describes you, then wouldn’t you agree that it’s time to make a change?


I know it is for me for sure and I am determined to work harder and smarter this year, than any of my previous years, to make a drastic improvement on my mind, my soul, my body, my spirit, my career and my life in general and those connected to it.


Will you join me on this journey to Improvement, Inspiration, Innovation, Motivation, and Advancement on all levels?  (comment below to let me know)  Great, then together let’s actually accomplish our goals of creating a Happy New YOU Year and a Happy New ME Year in 2016.  Let’s seriously make a great effort to make this one of the most memorable years of our lives!


Most likely you would agree with me when I say that most people “plan” on creating a better life for them on the first of each new year, however, we all seem to let “Life” push our plans aside and then we realize (failure) that we never even got around to taking action on our New Years Resolution…our New Year’s Plan of Action.  Am I correct on this fact?


If so, then be sure to read this article in its entirety because in the lesson below, I am going to help you define what a resolution actually is, how to plan your resolution, how to put it into action, and last but not least, how to begin obtaining positive progress and success with your goals so that when January 1, 2017, rolls around, you’ll feel that you’ve accomplished more in 2016 than you ever have in any of your previous years.  Motivational?  I hope so…so let’s get right into it now!


First we need to define what a “Resolution” really is, so What is a Resolution and what does it mean?

The definition of the word resolution when used in conjunction with “A New Years Resolution” is (let’s look at three definitions from three different dictionaries here):

“RESOLUTION” defined by Oxford Dictionaries
Happy New YOU Year 2016! - Your Chance to Improve, Inspire and Innovate

“New Year’s Resolution” defined by Encarta DictionariesHappy New YOU Year 2016! - Your Chance to Improve, Inspire and Innovate

“New Year’s Resolution” defined by WikipediaHappy New YOU Year 2016! - Your Chance to Improve, Inspire and Innovate

Is a Resolution an actual “Plan” or a “To-Do-List”?

It is clearly obvious by the three definitions listed above that a “resolution” is NOT a precise “plan” or a “To-Do-List” nor a strategic “Plan of Action” but rather a “decision” or a “promise / promise to one’s self”.  My belief as to WHY people never follow through on their new years resolutions is simple because of the common misconception that a resolution equals either a to-do list or a plan, however, they utterly fail at ever really planning it out much less even writing it down…so how is it ever going to get done if you don’t plan it out at all?


We just went through the Christmas holidays in 2015 as well as New Year’s Eve and I’ll bet you that somebody asked you this question at some point prior to the events:  “What are your “plans” for Christmas?”  Or, “What do you have “planned” for New Year’s Eve?”  And you more than likely gave them an answer stating something like:  “We’re planning on going to my parent’s house.”  Or, “We’re planning on bringing in the New Year at our favorite club downtown.”  Or, “We made plans to go see our favorite band in concert and we’ve already bought our tickets.”


Do you see where I’m headed with this?


If you made “plans” for any of the above, you had to prepare…whether it be to prepare a dish or a meal, or make a few calls to Mom & Dad to make sure they are still having Christmas at their house this year, or search online for the best prices on tickets for the concert then actually buy the tickets….you ended up “making actual plans” and then you “took action” to set them in motion, right?


So to summarize what we’ve covered up to this point, a “New Year’s Resolution” is ONLY a “Decision or a Promise” made to yourself and to begin to fulfill that decision or promise to yourself, now you must draw out or write out a strategic “Plan of Action.”  (Remember, a Plan of Action is NOT an action in and of itself, that is a completely separate element which we’ll soon discuss below….so keep reading below)


Creating a “New Year’s Resolution” based upon the Decisions and Promises to Yourself

You may not be used to actually creating a plan of action, and if that’s the case, then I’m going to show you how right here.

To create a plan of action, begin by grabbing a pen and a notebook (or journal if you’re the journaling type) and at the top of a fresh blank sheet of paper, write the following words:

Happy New YOU Year 2016! - Your Chance to Improve, Inspire and Innovate

Working it backward, it says:  “My Decisions + Promises to Myself = My New Year’s Resolution!”

Now simply write out the promises you’ve made to yourself (your new year’s resolution) by numbering them and remember to do your best to be realistic in the goals/promises that you’re making to yourself.  For example, if you only make $30,000 per year, don’t promise yourself that you’re going to make $1,000,000 or that you’re going to win the lottery, because the “reality” of actually accomplishing such is nearly zero to none, so in a sense, you are NOT promising yourself anything, but instead, you are blatantly lying to yourself and you’ll end up at the end of 2016 feeling just like you did at the end of 2015 leaving yourself feeling unaccomplished and “wishing” for another better year in 2017 again.  So be real and set obtainable goals and promises to yourself.


Creating a “Plan of Action” based upon the Decisions and Promises to Yourself

On a new sheet of paper (the next page would be ideal), write:

Happy New YOU Year 2016! - Your Chance to Improve, Inspire and Innovate

Working it backward, it says:  “My Results = My Actions + My Plans!”

After you write down the above phrase on a new sheet of paper, then continue to define the “plan of actions” that you believe you will have to take (the steps you’ll have to take) that will enable you to accomplish your new year’s resolution (the promises you made to yourself above) and number them.  Once again, be sure to be realistic and if you have an action that needs to take place to accomplish your goals of which you know that you will not be able to do on your own, then seek out a professional for that particular step and be sure that “seeking out a professional” is written down as part of your action plan.



Now that you have written down and spelled out both your New Year’s Resolution and the Plan of Action to accomplish those resolutions, now you’re ready to begin “Taking Action!”

Now if you’ve gotten this far in reading this article and you are saying to yourself, “well Jeremy, I just don’t have the motivation to begin even thinking about my resolution or my goals, much less my plan of action, then that simply means that you need to consider changing your mindset and begin to Choose Yourself and the advancement of the direction of your life over any depression, lack of motivation, disbelief in yourself or life’s trials and tribulations that may be in front of you at this time.

That being said, before you go any further, you may want to read this article I wrote not too long ago titled, My Happy House Hangout – Where I go for Inspiration and Motivation”

However, if you are ready to begin taking action, then start with just one goal (one promise to yourself/one of your resolutions) and then begin taking action on just one plan of action that you’ve written down until it’s completed.  Then repeat this process over again with the next plan of action until you have accomplished that goal.  Once you’ve done this, then move on to the second promise to yourself (your second item on your resolution list) and take the same steps over and over again until you’ve completed your entire list of new year’s resolutions.

What’s Next?

What if You Do Not Complete Everything on Your List?Happy New YOU Year 2016! - Your Chance to Improve, Inspire and Innovate

If the end of 2016 comes around and you have not completed everything on list of resolutions, guess what???  IT’S OK!!!


For example, let’s say that you had 10 total items on your New Years Resolution for 2016 and you only accomplished 7 of them…Woo Hoo!  You actually gained success on those seven and you’re feeling awesome about it because you actually achieved more progress in 2016 than you did in 2015 due to the fact that you actually “planned it out” and you actually “took action” on them.  So what if you didn’t complete all the items you wanted to, you still had major success and all you need to do then is simply roll those remaining three over into the next year, 2017, and repeat the entire process again.


Once you’ve taken these sort of steps and continued to do so over the next several years, you will find that you have created great new productive habits and your resolutions from year to year will begin to become easier and easier to accomplish, which in turn will result in your ability to achieve more and more each and every year.


Just thinking about it makes you feel fantastic, doesn’t it?  If so, leave a comment below and let us know what your top three resolutions are for 2016 along with the plans of action you’re going to take to get them done.  Then “bookmark” this page and come back to it at the end of the year and report to us the good news about the accomplishments that you made.  Doing this will create not only a point of reference for yourself, but it will also help keep you accountable by sharing your resolutions publicly and on top of that, you’re going to help Inspire and Motivate others which in turn will be an Inspiration and an Encouragement to yourself.


HAPPY NEW YOU YEAR 2016 to You, Your Family & Your Loved Ones!



All The Best,

Jeremy David Wilson, Founder of FiredOrDenied.com

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4 thoughts on “Happy New YOU Year 2016! – Your Chance to Improve, Inspire and Innovate

  • Chris Laymon

    Excellent article, sir! And let me say a resounding “YES” to your question about joining you for a successful 2016. I’m definitely in. I feel like this point in my life is what the previous 20 years have been leading up to. Basically… I feel like I’m at the perfect place to make real change, and I have a great vehicle to do so.
    So, yes… let’s make this year the turning point for the rest of our lives.

    Thanks again for the great article! Really great ideas in there!

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hey Chris,

      Great to see you here at FiredOrDenied.com and I’m absolutely thrilled to now be your coach and mentor throughout your journey to follow your passions as a successful online entrepreneur!

      Everybody, please welcome Chris Laymon as one of the newest Premium Members at Wealthy Affiliate, or what he refers to in his comment above, “a great vehicle…to make real change this year!”

      You’re definitely most welcome my friend and I thank you for the kind compliments. I’m here for you anytime, so if you ever feel “stuck” at any point, please reach out to me and I’ll help you get unstuck.

      2016 is going to be Your “Happy New YOU Year” for sure!

      Your Friend,
      Jeremy David Wilson

      PS…If you all would like to see what my friend Chris is up to with his online business at any time, please feel free to visit his website at NoCollegeDegreeForMe.com

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hello Monica,

      I am very pleased to know that this inspired you. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit FiredOrDenied.com and please know that if there is ever anything I can do to help you, even with your Happy New YOU Year and your resolutions, please do not hesitate to ask and I promise that I’ll do my best for you.

      May I ask, How did you come to find my article here? Was it through a social media site, online search, via the Wealthy Affiliate platform, or somewhere else?

      All The Best,
      Jeremy David Wilson