How To Check Website Keyword Ranking – A Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review – Part 2 of 6

Jaaxy Review Part 2 of 6 – “A Full-View Details Breakdown

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A Jaaxy Website & Keyword Rankings & SEO Research Tool Review – A “Full-View” Details Breakdown

Let’s start out by listing all the basic details including the Jaaxy pricing structure so that all of that is revealed to you right up front and you can relax while reading the rest of this article without any fear of thinking it’s going to be some major charge if it ends up being something you think you’d like to use for your own website rankings research and keyword research needs.  Without any further ado, here we go….

Product/Service Name:  Jaaxy (

Product/Service Type:  A Web-Based (no software download necessary) Keyword / Keyword Phrase Reasearch, Stats & Analytics Tool

Popularity:  Known & Available Worldwide

How To Check Website Keyword Ranking

Parent Company:  Niche Marketing Inc.

Alias(s):  Wealthy Affiliate; Wealthy Affiliate University; Niche Marketing Inc.

Common Misspellings of Web Searches:  Jaxxy;

Main Website:

Affiliated Websites: &

Membership Type(s) & Price(s):

  1. $0 FREE Starter Membership (get a free account & review it for yourself)
  2. $19 Monthly PRO Membership
  3. $49 Monthly ENTERPRISE Membership

Owners:  Carson Lim (President) & Kyle Loudoun (Vice President)

Business Location:  Victoria British Columbia, Canada

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Ranking:  “B+”

Better Business Bureau Consumer Rating:  “4.00 out of 5 Stars”

See more BBB Info at –

Overall User Ranking:  “97 out of 100”

Current Total of Subscribed Members (as of the date of this article): Well over 400,000+ members, and growing substantially on a daily basis

Who it’s for?:  Newbie or Expert – For all who seek to learn how to build a successful online business from start to finish (step by step video training included).

SPECIAL BONUS INCLUDED:  Be sure to read this article in its entirety, Bonus details inside…

The “Gist” of Keyword Research

How To Check Website Keyword Ranking


Are there many different tools available today that allow you to perform keyword research, find Google rankings for websites, and other types of analysis?


(Who is Jeremy Wilson & Why does he care about this topic?  Read Jeremy's full Bio HERE.)

Yes, of course there are many and I have previously used several of the so called, “Top or Best Tools” out there and have spent a lot of money since the beginning of my online business adventure in trying to find the tools that work best for me of which produce fast results, that are super simple to use, inexpensive, and that are easy to get started with little or no “learning curve” up front…and the one that I found that works best for me is Jaaxy.


Obviously, you do not need to take my word for it and you can go out there and waste a lot of time and money “trying out” all the top brands and services like I did, OR, you can simply learn from my expensive and extensive research and read this full-detail review in its entirety and then choose to utilize Jaaxy Enterprise for your “all-in-one” website and keyword research and ranking finder tool.


That choice is clearly up to you, however, I believe in helping people by sharing information that will not only help them save time and money, but that will also help them make money on top of everything else…so I decided to take the time to put together this extensive review that reveals the naked truth about the Jaaxy Product, the Jaaxy Service and the Jaaxy Affiliate Program so as to help people in the area of making an informed decision on what they thin will work best for them, their websites, and their online marketing results.


I could litter this article with the many different tools and services that I have used like many sites do and I could make money from all of them no matter which one you choose…just like all the other “review” sites out there do (including Consumer Reports), however, I want to use this time to talk ONLY about the one that I believe works best and that is the most affordable option delivering the maximum amount of results that you can find anywhere on the world wide web today.


That all being said, Let’s Dive In and Discover “what’s inside” this All-In-One SEO Reasearch Tool”



UP NEXT – (Part 3 of 6) – Introduction – Why Jaaxy instead of Other Top Tools?

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