How To Check Website Keyword Ranking – A Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review – Part 3 of 6

Jaaxy Review Part 3 of 6 – “Introduction – Why Jaaxy instead of Other Top Tools?

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Introduction – Why Jaaxy instead of “Other Top Tools?”

Why should you consider making Jaaxy your “website ranking, keyword research, and overall online analysis tool?”


With all the tools available online today (for any kind of tool for that matter), it can not only be mind boggling but also very frustrating as well as very costly in having to “try out” so many different tools and resources until you actually find that perfect tool, product or resource that best fits your needs.


Have you ever had this type of frustrating or costly experience before?


If you’ve been participating in the online world for any length of time now, you most likely have had this very aggravating experience(s) happen to you…am I right?  I know I am because I, personally, have been there myself and I’m constantly running into this same problem every time I search for anything new online.


My desire is that the information I share with you today helps save you from some of that frustration and helps you move on with your keyword planning research and website ranking details faster than what you could have done without this info.



Relying on Google = Getting Accounts Suspended

The majority of the keyword research tools found on the market today were originally built to rely ENTIRELY on the search results produced by Google.  Because of this fact, many of the so-called “Top Tools” now no longer work or function properly due to the fact that Google has begun to get really aggressive at suspending accounts (which were using Google’s data to produce their results) that don’t meet their very strict guidelines.


This caused many of these tools to stop functioning correctly which left the end-user (YOU!) with a paid product that you couldn’t use anymore.  And did these companies offer total refunds?  I’m sure you can easily answer that question on your own.


In a nutshell, these equated to the keyword research tools either not working at all or producing outdated useless data because they continued on with only using previous outdated data (much of which could be a year or two old) and leading their customers to believe that they were actually getting updated results when in fact they were not.  This obviously can have a serious negative effect on anybody’s online business or website, wouldn’t you agree?


Are you interested in obtaining Outdated Analytics, Statistics, and Information?  Not me!!!



How does Jaaxy set themselves apart from others that deliver Outdated Info?

The founders of Jaaxy (Kyle & Carson who also founded Wealthy Affiliate) spent many countless hours and an unbelievable amount of money researching extensive comparative data as well as testing many various algorithms until they finally developed one that actually utilizes comprehensive data pulled from ALL of the major search engines instead of just Google’s search engine like all of the other failing competitors out there.


What are the benefits of pulling data from ALL search engines?


The simple answer is, “The results produce “precise & completely updated” results each and every time a new keyword research or website ranking search is performed!



No Fluff or Pretty Stuff, Just REAL RESULTS!

Other research tools focused on providing its Users with fancy “Graphs & Charts,” but the founders of Jaaxy found through their intense research that people don’t care about graphs and charts when it comes to improving their website rankings or content…they care about True Facts and Actual “REAL” Stats!  (hey, that rhymed…lol!)


When you begin using Jaaxy for all your keyword and website research needs, you will soon notice that there is no useless, meaningless or over-analysed data within their system…just plain, raw, useful, intelligent data that will assist you in gaining better overall rankings for your website and your content or blog post articles.


They don’t add fluffy options or pretty stuff just to make it look good because they know that people don’t care about, nor do they want to waste money on fluffy tools.  People want RESULTS…PERIOD!  Am I right?  If you disagree, please comment below and let me know why you disagree.


What it all comes down to is this…

Quality Keywords + Relative Content + Low Competition = High RANKINGS = Increased TRAFFIC = More SALES!


…and that’s all they care about at Jaaxy!  Helping you obtain the quality info on the keywords that you research which in the end, help you gain More Sales!


Graphs, Trends, Charts and over analyzed data (that the “other tools” offer) will only confuse your research efforts and the majority of the time, it’s just simply useless, secondary data that you will never use or utilize to increase the quality of your website.


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