I have no job need money now

I have no job need money now – Can I still give my family Christmas? 6 comments

I have no job need money now


Trust me, I feel your pain!  I’ve been there too many times myself to forget the horrible feeling of not being able to buy your family any gifts for Christmas or any other Holiday or Birthday for that matter!


So what do you do when you’re hit last minute with the thought of I have no job need money now and how can you still give your family the dreamy Christmas in 2015 that they desire?



First off, take a breather and relax because you actually have many options that you may not have considered before that will put huge smiles on your family’s faces and warm their hearts even without hot chocolate.


Being without a job or without income is definitely no joke at all, but you can definitely survive this hurdle that life has thrown at you and you can still be the hero in the eyes of your loved ones which will also help strengthen your own self-confidence which will build the necessary momentum for getting back out there and getting a new job or starting your own business after the holidays are over.




When I hit the wall of “broke Christmas blues,” I turned to a book that was highly recommended to me named, “No Job No Joy?” written by an author out of Houston, Texas by the name of Erika Hayes.


I have no job need money now

No Job. No Joy?

This book tells a true, real-life story about a Christmas season where Erika and her family faced a major financial crisis and what they ended up doing (and gives notes on other things that “they should have done”) to turn their Christmas into a major success, even while being broke!

Inside the covers, you will find much advice and many very useful tips contained within the pages of this uplifting story, some of which is racy, some spiritual and very real and genuine.




Therefore, if you’re running out of time and need some of the most amazing ideas that I’ve every found, then get your copy of No Job. No Joy?: Sex, Money & Motivation: Surviving an Unemployed Christmas Kindle Edition for FREE today and make this Christmas one of the Best Christmas Holidays you and your family have ever experienced!


Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to you all…and if this book was as great of a help to you as it was to me, then please come back and leave a comment below and tell us a little about your story…who knows, your story could be a major inspiration for someone reading this next Christmas!


All The Best,

Jeremy David Wilson

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6 thoughts on “I have no job need money now – Can I still give my family Christmas?

  • PJ

    When people lose their jobs it’s a terrible shock. Basically, they look for the fault in themselves, when actually the company just wants to increase its bottom line and employees are expendable, after all. Later, they can rehire if need be.

    But how can individuals deal with this tragic event? Most people live paycheck to paycheck so it can be devastating. This book is a survival guide for the unemployed – how to survive without going bonkers.

    Welcome to the real world – a reality check with real life advice on how to weather the transition from dependent to independent, even with children in tow. It’s a survival guide for the unemployed that offers help when you need it most.

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hello PJ,

      Thank you for sharing your informative review and opinions of this book…I completely agree with you. Everyone needs a good survival guide and this book definitely qualifies as such.

      Merry Christmas to you and all you care for!

      All The Best,
      Jeremy Wilson

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hello Joe,

      I believe PJ answered your question best when is basically stated that this book is more of a Survival Guide for those who have recently lost their job but desire to find success again.

      All The Best,
      Jeremy David Wilson

  • Stephanie

    If you are creative enough and reflect long enough you will realize that there is more to Christmas than just presents. There is the true meaning of Christmas and the word “giving” does not need to always refer to giving materialistic things that the kids will lose or not appreciate. The word “giving” can refer to giving your kids a true lesson in what Christmas is truly all about. Yes, I do now having a job can be awful especially when those bills begin to pile up, but here is an idea for you and your family:

    1. For Christmas, volunteer at a soup kitchen. This will give you and your family the following:
    * There are always going to be those who are less fortunate than you. This will show teach your kids to be thankful for what they have instead of complaining about what they don’t have.
    * You will be given the gift of meeting new people and making new friends.
    * You will experience the true meaning of Christmas.

    2. Get your family and relatives together and go Christmas caroling around your neighbor as well as to the following places:
    * Hospitals and nursing homes – Give the spirit of Christmas to those who may not be able to be home for Christmas nor perhaps will be having any visitors during the holiday season. There are many people who are dumped off at nursing homes and forgotten about.
    * Orphanages – Give children who have no homes the spirit of Christmas. Also, if your kids have any toys they no longer like and are in still reasonably good condition, take them to the orphanage and give them to the kids there.

    Sorry for going on and on….Your post about how the holidays can be rough for some of us without jobs inspired me. 🙂

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hello Stephanie,

      Wow, those are some truly inspiring thoughts and ideas you shared here with us! Hank you for taking the time to write to us with such an encouraging message for folks, I really appreciate you for that. I agree that one of the best gifts that anyone can give is the gift of giving of theirselves and of their time and compassion which eventually results in creating inner joy and peace.

      May you receive many blessings this Christmas! 😃

      All The Best,
      Jeremy Wilson