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I Need Cash TODAY! What do I do?

One of the worst things in the world for me is when I wake up to realize that I may soon be facing the dreaded “Overdraft Fees” because I made the honest mistake of either not balancing my checkbook correctly or thinking that I had enough money to pay all the bills, sending out all the payments, and then coming to a horrifying reality that there was NOT, in fact, enough money in the account to cover all my payments! Have you ever had something like this happen to you before? Terrifying isn’t it!

I Need Cash TODAY! What do I do?


It’s not just terrifying because of the fact that I had already written and sent the checks out, but even more terrifying because the question hits me smack dab in the face of, “Well how are you going to pay for food to eat and fuel in the car to get back and forth to work each day this week, Jeremy?”


Then the fear-factor quickly creeps up inside of me and I immediately think to myself, “I need cash TODAY but what do I do? How do I just instantly produce money? How can I generate enough funds to deposit into the bank to cover all they checks I just sent out yesterday before they actually process the payments?”



Wow, what a terrible feeling this is!

If you have ever been there yourself, you probably remember this very same or very similar feeling all to well…am I right? So now what? Where do I go from here and what do I do?


My first thought was to try to cancel some of the payments so I run to my computer, log onto my online banking account, look up all the Pending payments and guess what, they’re already being processed and there is no way that I can cancel them online. I then think that I could call the bank and request them to cancel the payments but then remember that there is a “cancelation fee” applied to my account if and when a payment is ever canceled, so I decide that this is not an option for me.


I Got Fired Now What Do I Do?Next I think about calling some of the companies and getting them to lower some of my payments or push them ahead (rescheduling them for a later date) as far as they’ll allow me to, but this doesn’t solve my problem of still needing cash now!




I then think to myself, “Jeremy, you’re thinking like a “poor man” or thinking with a “poor man’s mentality…” and then the second thought hit’s me, “well duh, at this moment, you are a poor man stupid!”


Then my thoughts move on to say, “NO! I am not a poor man and I refuse to think like a poor man and I WILL come up with a solution to this immediate problem of clear and present danger in my financial realm!”




Once I “put my foot down” and decided that I was not going to sink into the poor man’s mentality and actions of trying to cancel payments, postpone payments, move payment dates ahead or calling my debtors to request that they skip a payment, I then began to have a total mind shift in a completely new direction…a Determined Mindset that would produce positive results and that could actually put money in my pocket today!


What do I mean?

I mean that I began to think creatively. I began to think about “the problem” in a whole different light.”


My initial problem WAS, “Oh crap, I don’t have enough money.”


My Mindset-Shift simply turned that thought around and into, “my REAL problem is NOT that I don’t have enough money, but rather it’s simply that I need to MAKE more money!”


See the difference?


Both of those statements deal with the same exact issue, however, it comes down to looking at the issue in two totally different ways. Two totally different “Outlooks” that have a two totally different direct impacts on the same issue at hand.



My Formula = Thoughts Lead to Decisions – Decisions Lead to Actions – Actions Lead to Results

So you see, if I continue to have “Thoughts” like a poor man, then those thoughts will lead to making poor “Decisions” which will lead to poor “Actions” and ultimately leave me with poor “Results.”


I Need Cash TODAY! What do I do?However, if I begin and continue to have “Thoughts” like a rich man (or one that MAKES money, not one that NEEDS money…a “Productive” man), then those “Thoughts” will lead me to making productive “Decisions” thus leading to productive “Actions” hence productive “Results!”


So it’s either POOR or PRO…which would you choose?


I choose PRO (short for PROductive/Income PROducing).




Now I’ve had the THOUGHT which led to my DECISION and it’s time to take ________ …..You guessed it…..ACTION!!!

That leads me to the creative question of, “What can I DO to make money today?”


First, I take out a pen and paper and begin writing down my thoughts and ideas, like this:

(#1) – Do a complete walkthrough of my house, garage and storage building looking for valuable or unused items that I could sell quickly on or at the following places:

  1. Craigslist,
  2. Ebay
  3. Amazon,
  4. Facebook,
  5. Instagram,
  6. Pinterest, or a
  7. swap meet,
  8. garage sale, or
  9. pawn shop (I don’t recommend pawn shops because they’ll basically rob you blind, but if you’re desperate enough, I’ll still include it here because it can be fast cash),
  10. used/vintage bookstore,
  11. used music/instrument store
  12. or even a second-hand clothing shop.


This would not only help me bring in some quick money, but it would also help me clean up my house and free up some much-needed space. To be most efficient at this task, I cleared out a section in one of my extra bedrooms, installed a large shelving system and as I found items I wanted to sell, I would put them on the shelf so that I can easily find all my for sale items in one place later.


Here’s a Hint on Household items You can sell quickly:

  • Clothing
  • CD’s
  • DVD’s
  • TV’s
  • Game Stations & Video Games
  • Computers you don’t use anymore
  • Shoes
  • Instruments
  • Car Parts (or even an automobile itself if you don’t need it)
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Jewelry
  • Tools
  • Power Equipment
  • Books
  • Dishes/Silverware
  • And whatever else you have sitting around the house or the yard that someone might give you a buck or two or more for.


(#2) – I could go Donate Plasma!

I’ve done this before and for 45 minutes of my time hooked up to a machine that sucks the plasma out of my blood, I’ve received as much as $200.00 USD for in the past! Maybe I should do it again, eh?


I Need Cash TODAY! What do I do?(#3) – I could go around to the elderly folk in the neighborhood and ask them if they need any handyman services or help with anything around their house.

This usually works really well and sometimes they even pay you for more than what you asked if you simply show that you care by doing a great job for them.


(#4) – Find “FREE STUFF” Locally via Craigslist, Facebook, Buy/Sell Apps, Neighbors, etc. Then Post Them Up “FOR SALE.”

I have also done this many times in the past and found items that I turned around and sold for hundreds of dollars within a matter of a few hours to just a couple days. You can’t beat FREE stuff…especially when it’s worth something and it’s an item that will sell fast.


(#5) – Scrap Metal! Yep, I said scrap metal.

I have several acres and I find that I’m always accumulating more stuff or junk, even though I try really hard to get rid of what I don’t need. So when I get strapped for cash, I’ll take a stroll around the property and find all the metal things that I don’t need any more of which I probably couldn’t sell and I’ll throw them in the truck and take them down to the scrap metal yard for recycling.

Yes, they do pay you when you recycle scrap metal and I’ve never walked away from the scrap metal yard with anything less than a $20.00 USD bill.


You could even offer to help clean up your neighbor’s yards by telling them that you’ll “haul off any metal scrap” they have laying around their yards and you’ll even do it for them for free! This will also win you much favor with your neighbors and they’ll love you for life…and possibly even call you then next time they have more metal that they need to have hauled off. I know this to be true because I know have several neighbors that call me periodically to come pick up scrap metal from them. It’s like FREE MONEY!!!




I just gave you five ways to make money right away which could ultimately save your bank account from those dreaded Overdraft fees! I use these methods myself so I know they work. Now will you get rich doing this?


I Need Cash TODAY! What do I do?Of course not (unless you have a lot of gold, silver and diamonds laying around…lol) but doing these five things could help save your bank account from going into “the red,” help you make your house payment or rent payment for the month, help prevent you from losing your automobile to the repo guy, and it could also help with just putting a little more food on your table or keeping the lights on.


So if you’re like I have been on many different occasions, put these steps into action and decide today that you’re going to make the money you need to make ends meet, and you’ll be amazed at what results that you end up with.


Make it a great year! OH….and if this article was helpful to you or if you had some success using these methods, or even if you just have a few questions, please tell me about it in the comment box below…I’ll always be willing to help you in any way I possibly can.


Your Friendly Founder at FiredOrDenied.com,

Jeremy David Wilson


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5 thoughts on “I Need Cash TODAY! What do I do?

  • Wojtek Mozdyniewicz

    Hi Jeremy.

    Your statement here looks so easy like all you are doing on internet, Just make plan, approach it and execute. Everybody is different and this writhing is stimulating even dipper depression state of mind. I tried it and results were opposite.

    Not all of us have ingredient call: MAGIC….

  • Zarina

    Hello Jeremy!

    It is a pleasure to be back on your website 🙂
    After your article on Wealthy Affiliate review, I kept on checking on your posts, and this is another post that caught my attention 🙂

    Anyway, great tips on how to get cash quickly!
    My family and I are moving (again), and this time we don’t want to bring all the stuff we have in the garage/basement, so I will follow your tips on selling the things on the websites you provided.
    By the way, just to add, you can add Kijiji (kijiji.ca) for those who live in Canada (I assume you might have Canadian visitors on your website). Usually people just come straight to your home and buy the thing they want to (so no hassle with sending out packages and stuff).

    Another interesting thing was about scrap metal! Say what!! Never knew about this one 🙂

    I love your cheerful articles! You have a mentality of RICH MAN, and keep it up! You definitely have motivated me, and will motivate many others who are looking for opportunities to work from home, or who are looking for quick cash by selling the items they have at home.

    I look forward to reading your other posts. I think now you’ve got a fan :))

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful information with the world, Jeremy!


    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Likewise Zarina,

      It is a pleasure to have you back again and thank you for your return visits and comments, I am truly honored! 🙂 I’m very excited to learn that you were able to pick up some facts and processes from this article that you had not known about before, I hope they help you add some extra dough to your pocketbook this year.

      I’ve never heard of Kijiji before, so I’ll definitely have to check it out….looks like you’re teaching me something today too! 😉 Thank you for your inspiring words of encouragement…it’s awesome how you say my article and the way I write “motivates you” yet, comments like yours motivate me in return…isn’t that cool how it all comes full circle? I love it!!!

      I’m thrilled to know you’re a fan of my work, you Rock! Just remember, if there’s ever anything I can help you with, even if it’s just a simple question you seek answers for, please do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll always do my absolute best for you anytime. :-)))

      Make it a great day!

      Your Friend,
      Jeremy Wilson

  • Chris Laymon

    Hey, Jeremy! Great suggestions in your list above!

    I was totally bummed when you mentioned donating plasma because That was going to be MY first suggestion! 🙂 I used to donate with Biolife Plasma twice a week, and I’d make $60 or so as I recall. My wife and I would use that money for our date nights and stuff, so it was like free money.

    To expand on your “scrap metal” suggestion, you could even put ads on Craigslist or Facebook, and tell people you’ll carry off any scrap metal or vehicles they have. You could even pay people $100 for them or something, if you know you’ll get $400+ from the scrap yard.

    Or, to expand further… you could put an ad up and offer to take people’s cars to the scrap yard. Advertise that you’ll split the cash (50/50, 25/75, whatever) with them, and you’ll provide them a receipt as proof! I’ve never seen anyone do that before.

    Also, you can post on FB that you have a free day and need some quick cash, so if anyone needs help moving, mowing, etc, you’re their guy! People are always needing help with stuff! If you have a skillset that people need (working on cars, carpentry skills, etc), you can always do some work on the side.

    I’ve ALSO heard of people doing one of those “taxi-type” services (Lyft, Uber) to make money though I have no personal experience with it.

    I am curious to know what other suggestions that other people might have as well, so I hope to come back here and see more comments with more suggestions, options and opportunities here.

    So you folks reading this, let’s help others by leaving your experiences and recommendations in the comment box below…you never know who you might help as a result of it…your comment may just “save the day” for them!


    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Whassup Chris,

      Great to hear from you, Bro! Yeah, as a matter of fact, I believe it was you that first suggested or recommended that I donate Plasma for some extra cash several years ago…so thanks for that tip my friend, I’ve definitely done this many times when cash was tight.

      Thank you for those other suggestions as well…I’ll have to update my article to include those things in reference to your comment as well. Anybody else have any further ideas or things you’ve done to put some quick cash in your pockets (that’s ethical of course…lol!)???

      If so, please put them in the comment box here and share them with the world because you never know who they might help one day!

      Thanks for sharing that awesome info and recommendations Chris…you the man! Oh yeah, you mentioned those “taxi-type” services, and yes, that’s another great way except they usually pay out weekly, so it wouldn’t put cash in your pocket “today” unless of course you received some cash tips, which does happen.

      I personally drive for UBER and I have received as much as $55.00 USD in cash tips in one night of driving and have also generated as much as $364.00 USD in fairs for giving people rides in just one night, so yeah, I highly recommend Uber to anyone needing extra cash, just know that it may be a week before you get paid after driving for them. As for me, they pay out every Wednesday via direct deposit straight into my bank account.

      Pretty Cool! 🙂