No One Ever Told Us That

No One Ever Told Us That: Money and Life Lessons for Young Adults 2 comments

No One Ever Told Us That


While on the phone with a friend of mine the other day, he brought up a very important point that got me thinking that I should share bits of our discussion with all of you in a blog article, so here you have it!


We were talking about money lessons and life lessons of which we’ve both stated (either to others or to ourselves) at some time in our past that Hey, “No One Ever Told Us That!”  Have you ever had one of those conversations or thought that very same thing to yourself?  I’m sure you have.



The List of Things Nobody Ever Taught Us in Our Youth

For instance, ask yourself if anybody ever told (or taught) you about these things when you were young (prior to adulthood that is):


  • The importance of Investing?

    No One Ever Told Us That

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  • The importance of a High-Yield Savings Account?
  • The best types of jobs to pursue?
  • The most secure types of jobs to pursue?
  • The best educational route to pursue?
  • How to pay back student loans if you never get a job in the field of your study after you’ve graduated?
  • How to handle a financial crisis?
  • How to structure your life and your finances to get the best tax advantages?
  • What the most profitable types of businesses to start up are?
  • How to make money or start a business online?
  • …and the list could go on and on and on, but I’ll stop there for now because I think you get my point, and that point is that there are many super important “life & money lessons” of which nobody ever told us or taught us about!


Still to this day, I think about things like this and I say to myself, “Well if somebody would have just taught me about that at an early age, then maybe my life (and finances) would be much better today!”


Chances are that you’ve said something very similar to yourself at some point in your life….am I right?  Yep, I knew it….I’m right!  😉



Money and Life Lessons for Young Adults

So I was going to write out this long article on this topic with the intent reaching the younger generation and helping them learn some of these super important things before they end up “having to learn it the hard way” like many of us older peeps have had to do….


….but then I remembered an amazing book I read some time ago that basically covers all the information that I’d like to talk about today named:  No One Ever Told Us That: Money and Life Lessons for Young Adults by John D. Spooner.


So rather than ramble on at this point, what I’d like to do is create a challenge…for both us adults and for the younger generation.




No One Ever Told Us ThatSTEP 1Read the book I mentioned above (the cheapest place I could find it online was at with the intention of finding at least “1” topic/lesson in there that no one had ever told you about or that nobody had ever taught you before.

STEP 2 – Come back to this article and “Comment” below to start a discussion about your results from Step-1 above.  In your comment, also, tell us how many teenagers and/or young adults you forwarded this article/Challenge to (here’s the link for your convenience:  No One Ever Told Us That: Money and Life Lessons for Young Adults).

STEP 3Forward this article Challenge to at least “3” youngsters (or young adults as they may prefer to be called) and ask them to read the book and participate in this challenge too.  This will help spread a much-needed education to the “Young Adults” of this world if we can get this challenge out there…so if you care about our future generations, share this post in as many places and to as many people that you possibly can…heck, by simply sharing, you may have just positively changed someone’s life and their financial future for the better!

STEP 4 (Final Step…a “PRIZE” awaits the “WINNER!”) – Ask the people that you share this CHALLENGE with to comment below the article and to be sure to MENTION YOUR NAME as the person who shared this with them.  This contest will run from today, November 21st, 2015 through the end of this year on December 31, 2015….and the person who’s name is mentioned the most during this time frame will receive a Special New Years Resolution Prize from directly from me!




No One Ever Told Us ThatThis Life-Changing Prize could result in Your Best Year Yet!: 365 days of little changes that add up to big results!




>>>> 1.  READ  .1<<<<

>>>>2.  COMMENT  .2<<<<

>>>>3.  FORWARD  .3<<<<

>>>4.  Have people you shared this with, actually “Mention YOUR Name in the comment section.  .4<<<<




If you like contests and/or challenges like this, please let me know what kind of contest you’d like to see and I’ll work on creating it so we can have some more fun…just put your suggestions in the comment box below.




PS…Here’s the direct Amazon link to the book, just click on the banner here …and it will take you straight to it.  You will greatly benefit from what this book teaches about Money and Life Lessons for Young Adults!


All The Best,

No One Ever Told Us ThatJeremyDavidWilson

Founder of

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2 thoughts on “No One Ever Told Us That: Money and Life Lessons for Young Adults

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