Premium vs. Unleaded - What is the best fuel for your WA Online Business Training Vehicle?

Premium vs. Unleaded – What is the best fuel for your WA Online Business Training Vehicle? 2 comments

Premium vs. Unleaded - What is the best fuel for your Online Business Training Vehicle?




I’ve recently been asked several times to help someone decipher the differences between the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership versus the Wealthy Affiliate Starter (unleaded) membership, so to answer this question for everyone, I’m going to spell out the clear and concise differences here today in this article for you to reference any time you need it.

What is the difference between WA Starter (Unleaded) vs. WA Premium Memberships?

Let me start by saying that you can’t go wrong with either membership level because they’re both packed full of valuable lessons that will literally have you wishing you would have started learning this stuff many years ago once you realize the vast opportunities that are opened up to you in the world of Online Business through these courses.


Now there are many various differences between the two membership levels, and though they both are truly amazing (don’t take my word for it, though, try it on for size and tell me if I’m right or wrong by coming back to this article and leaving me a message in the comment box below), one gives you all the fundamentals and the basics of running an online business of your own, and the other is jam-packed with anything and everything you would ever need to run a successful business on the internet.


So I guess the real question here really comes down to this, “How serious are you about learning what it takes to make yourself successful online and how dedicated are you going to be to your new website-based business?”


Only you know the true answer to this question, so do yourself a favor, and answer yourself honestly right now, and write your answer down on a sticky note and stick it to your computer screen or somewhere where you will see it and be reminded, daily, of your decision to turn your passions into a thriving business online…or not.


Premium vs. Unleaded - What is the best fuel for your WA Online Business Training Vehicle?

Now let’s dive into defining the precise differences between these two membership levels.  By the way, one fact that I need to point out here is that there are NO UPSALES after one has upgraded to the Premium membership, so nobody is going to continue to try and hit you up for more money to keep buying bigger and more expensive packages/levels like oh so many of these scams do…so relax, you’re in good hands (and no, this isn’t an Allstate commercial…LOL!).


To make better use of this information, it would probably be a good idea for you to get familiar with the WA platform before reading the rest of this article so that you will have a better understanding of the information I’m getting ready to reveal to you.  So if you want to take my advice on this bit, or if you’re not even really sure what Wealthy Affiliate is, then “CLICK HERE & READ MY REVIEW” to familiarize you with the Wealthy Affiliate systems and platform first.


The WA Starter membership – A Detailed Look at “what’s included…”

Once you’re inside the Free WA Starter membership, you will quickly realize that this isn’t the “typical” level of quality that we’ve all come to expect from “free memberships” of other programs, products or services we’ve tried throughout our lives.  Matter of fact, you will soon realize that there’s a great amount of valuable information inside the Wealthy Affiliate Starter (free) membership that you’ll probably find yourself saying something like, “I cannot believe that this is actually free!”


From the moment that you join and set up your free account (which does not require a credit card at all), you will begin to realize that you now have the access to the online business world is now at your fingertips!  This is not just another product or service, but rather a life changing “Experience,” one of which I’m very positive you’ve never experienced before.


Immediately you will be connected within the “One of a kind” Support Community as well as the unsurpassed training system containing step by step training courses and video lessons that help you begin to build an online business of your own from scratch…even if you’ve never had any kind of experience with this sort of thing ever before.  It won’t take you very long to realize how powerful the WA community really is and you will soon see how much the entire community cares about actually helping you achieve your desired success online.


Wealthy Affiliate was literally created with one main goal in mind, and that is, “to help people succeed within the online world of business.”  They are consistently innovative and constantly improving the service and the experience within Wealthy Affiliate for people just like YOU and me.  I’ve never seen a company care about its members as much as I have within WA…and that is the God’s honest truth right there!

Here’s What You Get when you join as a Starter Member

Prior to revealing the unprecedented options and capabilities that Premium Members have at Wealthy Affiliate, I’d like to provide you with an exact outline of what you can actually expect to get as a free starter member.

Starter Memberships receive full access to the following:


  • Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1)
    • This is you “starting from scratch / no experience necessary” starting point.  A website is the foundation (the initial building blocks or framework) of any successful online business, so you will begin by learning to build your own website(s) which you should view as “your own piece of online Real Estate” and this training will also spell it out in clear detail in order to help you understand why this is one of your most important assets in building a business on the internet.
    • Through this course, you will gain great knowledge as to how people actually make money online.  There are “checklist tasks” at the end of each lesson that you will want to ensure that you complete before moving on to the next lesson in line as these tasks are designed to help you get up and running quickly and in the proper order, but you can complete these at your own pace so there is no time pressure put on you.
    • You will have established a solid foundation for your business once you have completed the first ten lessons and the tasks assigned therein.

  • Lots and Lots of In-Depth & Detailed Step-by-Step Training (Video Lessons Included)
    • In addition, to the “Getting Started” course I just mentioned, you will also have immediate access to literally Thousands of articles combined with step by step “how-to” tutorials and video training courses which will reveal virtually unlimited processes, techniques, strategies and other options that show you the various types of ways you will be able to utilize to begin making a full-time income online.

  • Websites…for FREE!  You get TWO of them plus FREE Hosting on BOTH!
    • Every single free Starter Member receives access to Wealthy Affiliate’s speedy “WordPress Express” free website builder tool.  And YES…each member actually gets TWO free websites and free website hosting through Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix platform.

  • A Support Community Like None Other – The WA 24/7/365 Community
    • Have you ever tried to accomplish something new on your own, all by yourself, and found yourself getting extremely frustrated, or possibly even giving up at times?  Do you believe that surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals that share the same or similar passions as you and have already achieved success online would be highly beneficial to YOUR success?
    • I asked you these two questions because I want you to fully understand the power of having a network of like-minded and highly successful online entrepreneurs in your corner and helping you anytime, at even a moment’s notice, can literally mean the difference between you succeeding (with support) or failing (on your own with no support at all).
    • The “connect features” that you will have access to include:
      • Ability to Post Questions and Comments
      • Access to Personally contact, connect with, follow and converse with all new members and seasoned professionals within the community.
      • Access to Instant Messaging Live Chat

  • Networking in Business = Higher Success Rates
    • You’ve probably heard this term many times in your life, and more often than none, it’s usually used very loosely…so much so that many people don’t even put much stock in the meaning of the term “Networking” anymore.  However, when someone really takes networking seriously, not only can it drastically improve your chances of long-term success, but it can also result in building life long friendships with other online entrepreneurs that will be a “source of help” for many years to come.
    • At Wealthy Affiliate, you literally have access to “the most experienced and most successful group of Online Marketers” that can be found anywhere on this planet we call earth…and YOU get to pick their brains anytime you feel the need!
    • This brings me to another point and that is the VERY important step of reminding you to fully set up your WA Profile including uploading a photo of yourself and a short bio or description about “Who YOU are.”
    • Why is this so important?
    • Because to network with folks successfully and gain the most value out of this, you will want to “follow” other successful members and they, in turn, will most likely “follow YOU back” if they can actually “see” who you are and read “about” You!  You will have much better success at connecting with people if they can view a completed profile of you…this is a statistical fact that can help you get up and running faster and with more likelihood of future success.

  • Access to Create, Share, Become Noticed & Get Well Known
    • Do you enjoy creating stories, articles or blog posts?  If so, you’ll have the ability to become known as a “Creator” within the Wealthy Affiliate Community by posting articles within WA about any certain topic, comment, or question as well as creating stories about successes, failures or even achievements you have along the way.
    • You’d be amazed at how others will be completely inspired by your creativity which not only helps them but helps you in return by boosting your confidence and solidifying the connections you make within WA.  You can literally create stories regarding anything that is on your mind at any given time…just no spamming of other promotions because that is not tolerated and the WA administrators may shut your account down for abusing the system.

  • Access to Promote & Start Getting Paid with The WA Affiliate Program
    • The founders of Wealthy Affiliate really put a lot of work into making it super easy and super simple for anyone to share practically any and all of the content, any of the training courses, any of the training lessons, any of the training videos and any blogs or articles via a simple “Share” button as well as automatically generated “Affiliate Links” for nearly any page or post within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform that enable you to easily share on your Social Media sites, or via email, or even via text…and all this links back to YOUR own affiliate code and you get full credit for any referrals that join Wealthy Affiliate because of anything and everything that you’ve shared.
    • Isn’t that super cool???  Heck Yeah!!!  🙂
    • One thing that’s even cooler than that is the fact that WA offers one of the highest percentages of commissions in paying people when compared to all the other various affiliate programs available today!
    • In a nutshell, even if you join Wealthy Affiliate as a Free Starter Member, you can still earn commissions simply for referring or sharing any of the training links, or any of the Share Buttons or Videos within WA…via your Google+ account, your Twitter, your Pinterest, your Instagram, your Facebook, your email, your text messaging, or any other form of social media you may be a part of!  And if someone joins Premium through an affiliate link you shared on one of your social sites, then You Get PAID!


↑  Your Starter Membership Includes All of the Above  ↑

The enormous amount of resources and the plethora of tools, even in just the free Starter membership is extremely far beyond absolutely anything you would find or even be able to access anywhere else.  The creators of Wealthy Affiliate truly have done a very remarkable job putting all of this together, and once you become a member and dive into the courses and the community, you will very quickly realize just how much these people really do care about YOUR success as well as everybody else’s success within WA.  Remember, the WA Starter membership is without any costs and no time restrictions. Pretty cool right?! 🙂


Just to confirm one more time for you, the WA Starter Membership is literally NO COST to you at all, NO CREDIT CARD required at all, and it is a LIFETIME FREE MEMBERSHIP, meaning that there is absolutely NO TIME RESTRICTIONS on you or your membership….plus you get the TWO FREE WEBSITES along with the FREE HOSTING for your sites FOR LIFE!!!  I challenge you to find anywhere else that would give you free lifetime access to even just one website, much less the training courses and other online tools!


The WA platform, program, tools and community have literally enabled me to achieve things that I never thought was possible and I sincerely believe that it can do the same for you if you’re willing to put an honest effort into it and dedicate yourself to becoming a success as an online entrepreneur!


Wow, now to think that’s just all the free stuff you get as a Starter member…and we haven’t even begun to talk about what Wealthy Affiliate offers and provides to the folks that join as a Premium Member!  To explain the Premium Membership in one word, that one word would have to be:  “UNBELIEVABLE!”


What is included in the Wealthy Affiliate PREMIUM Membership?

There are NO SECRETS hiding any price points or anything like that within WA, so without any hesitation, let’s talk price first and get that topic out of the way right up front.  There are ONLY two (2) membership levels and ONLY two (2) payment plans within Wealthy Affiliate:


      1. The Free Starter Membership    =  $0.00 + Free for Life + Two Free Websites + Free Hosting
      2. The Paid Premium Membership
        1. MONTHY OPTION:  $47 per month (or you can save 36% by choosing the “Yearly” payment option below)
        2. YEARLY OPTION:  $359 per year, which if divided by the days in the year, that comes down to only 0.98¢ per day: a $205 Savings (which is the 36% discount) compared to the monthly payment option!


One cool fact is that the yearly price option has remained the exact same price since 2005.  Although, during this ten-year time frame, they invested over $6.5 Million dollars into new innovations and improvements into the Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate, they have never increased the yearly price even by one single penny!


Premium, Professional Online Training for Under $1.00 per day with Yearly Option!

The yearly payment option gives you a Premium membership including the best, most professional online training, tools, and support community that can be found in one place, under “one roof,” anywhere in the world today…for just under $1 per day ($0.98 cents per day to be exact).


Now don’t get me wrong…because the $47 Monthly option is a superior value as well and there is still nothing on this planet that comes anywhere close to comparing to this at all (other than the WA yearly option of course).


This monthly option simply enables folks to go ahead and get started that may not be fortunate enough to have an extra few hundred dollars to spare, and the founders at WA wanted to provide a way for these people to begin pursuing their online passions as well without having to worry about shelling out the cost of a yearly membership up front that they may not have to begin with (another viable point that shows that they truly do care about people).



The Differences between Starter & Premium:

Premium vs. Unleaded - What is the best fuel for your WA Online Business Training Vehicle?

Receive the Best of the BEST and Become a Premium Member Here Today!


Want to be a part of the BEST Online Business Community that can be found online anywhere in the world and at the MOST affordable price?  That was one of the main goals that the founders of Wealthy Affiliate had in mind when they created this training platform because they fully realized and understood that most folks in the world today cannot afford to pay huge amounts of cash in order to advance their education or financial situation, so they designed this system so that everybody can have a chance at improving their lives.


Now, of course, there are expenses in putting a highly sophisticated system and a platform together like this so it’s obvious that they cannot just give everything away for free.  Does this make sense to you?


Think about somebody you know that went to college or university…how much did they have to spend for that education?  And did they even score a job within the same field as their major or their degree once they finished college?  Or did they even finish college at all?  Maybe they had to bail out of college because it simply became too expensive and they couldn’t afford it any longer, is that possible?


The premium courses of education and training offered at Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t even come close to the overpriced College or University Tuition fees, much less even the amount that one would have to spend on all the study books that the universities make you buy to attend their classes.  And what’s even cooler than that is the fact that the WA premium training actually is more in depth and more sophisticated than any online course that is offered at colleges and universities today!  Plus, you can learn at your own pace!


The Online Sales Strategies along with the Advanced Online Business Techniques that are taught within Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership have been designed to actually work!  There is no hype or exaggerations, nor is there a bunch of useless material that you’re forced to learn but you’ll never use.  What do I mean by this?  Well, think of it like this….If you’ve attended college or university, it’s most likely that they made you take various Algebra courses….and How many times have you ever used Algebra in the real world?  How many times has your job required you to use Algebra?  Very little, if any at all, right???


In other words, Wealthy Affiliate ONLY teaches the processes and procedures that you ACTUALLY need and will be using to build, grow and become successful in your new online business.  By the way…There is No Algebra needed here!  LOL!  😉  However, joining WA is definitely your decision to make and whether you join as a free Starter member or as a full-fledged Premium member, that decision is also solely up to you because nobody is going to twist your arm here.  Base your decision on what you feel in your gut and know in your heart is the best thing for you, and you only.


My own personal experience proves that the ADVANTAGES of utilizing the Premium membership are unsurpassed and that having everything you need to run an online business from home, or anywhere that has an internet connection, is very powerful and highly valuable.  That being said, let’s now discuss the Top Ten Best ADVANTAGES that I have realized myself as being a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate.



The Top Ten Best ADVANTAGES of being a Premium Member at WA:


PREMIUM ADVANTAGE #1: Personal Mentoring & Coaching from the Founders, Kyle & Carson + Private Access to them also

There’s absolutely nothing better having a successful, seasoned online business veteran on your side and in your corner…well unless there is TWO of them!  As a premium member, you will be able to contact either one of the Founders privately if you need them for anything at all.  Now you might be asking, “what would I possibly need them for?”…so let’s cover just a few things here just to give you some viable examples:


        • Questions with Getting Started
        • Mental Inspiration
        • Personal Motivation
        • Help discovering your Niche
        • Help deciphering your best business ideas, what will work and what may not
        • Help with your website
        • Help building your website
        • Help turning your website visitors into buyers
        • Help finding a specific training on a specific topic
        • Tap into their personal, combined knowledge of 20+ years experience in business online at any time
        • …and much, much more…basically, anything you need help with, you’ll have direct access to them anytime you need them


The Point is that when you are a premium member, you get individual, personalized help directly from the Founders themselves anytime you ask for it!


PREMIUM ADVANTAGE #2: Unlimited Websites including Unlimited Website Hosting (and “State of the Art” Hosting at that!)

Have you ever paid for a single website or hosting for a website ever before?  If so, you already know that this can be very expensive in and of itself…but at Wealthy Affiliate, you do NOT have to pay ANY extra for any of your websites or the hosting for those websites that you create within the WA WordPress Express platform.  This fact alone (not even including the training courses or the phenomenal support community) is worth its weight in gold and definitely well worth every penny of the premium membership monthly or yearly payment.  And on top of that, you get UNLIMITED websites and hosting!


Think about it, you could even charge other businesses to build and host websites for them, make money doing it and all while having absolutely ZERO extra cost to you?  Where else could you create income like this with no extra overhead expenses?  So start creating as many websites you want and start charging for your services to others!


Not technically inclined?  That’s A-OK!


You will NOT need to know HTML code or FTP protocols nor any other type of technical jargon to build a professional and fully functional website, because at Wealthy Affiliate, they have completely eliminated the need to know all of that junk by creating a super simple website building system that will allow you to begin the creation of your very own website with just 3-Clicks of a mouse button.  The WA system simplifies everything for you so that you can focus on what is most important…Building Your Business!


As a Premium member, you’ll get:

        • Premium Website Monitoring
        • Premium Daily Website Backups and Support
        • Premium 24-Hour, 365-Days/yr State of the Art Website Hosting
        • Premium Support Ticket Submissions & Instant Help
        • Premium Website “Easy-Use” Technology
        • Premium Individualized Group Servers (your website will NOT be crammed onto servers with thousands of other users)



PREMIUM ADVANTAGE #3: Advanced Networking Capabilities PLUS Direct Access to the Experts

        • Direct Access to the Founders of Wealthy Affiliate = CHECK √
        • Direct Access to Thousands of many other Professional Industry Experts within WA = CHECK √
        • Advanced Networking capabilities with many other very Successful Online Entrepreneurs within WA = CHECK √
        • Can you find this anywhere else? = NOPE!


Have you ever desired to have the contact info of some of the most successful Internet Entrepreneurs in the world so you could just ask them a question to help you advance your own business?  That is practically one more thing you get as a premium member and you can contact them as often as you feel is necessary and they will always reply back to you with solid, fundamental answers and suggestions.



PREMIUM ADVANTAGE #4:  Five-Hundred (500) Low Competition Keywords Delivered to Premium Members EVERY single month

A key role in building a successful online business is researching Keywords and Keyword phrases that have low competition but that can get high rankings for your website via the search engines like Google Search, Bing Search, Yahoo Search, etc.  This is the magic that is going to help your website and the content within your website to gain “Organic Traffic,” which is, in it’s simplest form, FREE TRAFFIC to your website.


This is what all the Pros strive for because Free Traffic means increased bottom line profits!


These low competition lucrative keywords and keyword phrases can be tough for a newbie to find when you’re just starting out and Wealthy Affiliate realizes this which is why they designed a plan and a system that delivers 500 highly unique and super fresh low competition keywords or phrases to each and every Premium Member each and every month.  Can you find that type of hospitality anywhere else?  NOPE, Definitely NOT!


Not only will this help your business get off to a faster start, but it will also save you many tiring hours of attempting to research these on your own, especially if you do not have any previous experience with researching keywords at all.  Basically, Wealthy Affiliate studies these keywords and completes the homework for you across many various niches then delivers them to you each and every month.


Sure, you can find companies out there that will provide quality keywords to you on service plans that will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month, but why would you pay any unnecessary fees or extra costs when you get all of this included within your WA Premium Monthly or Yearly membership?



PREMIUM ADVANTAGE #5: Search as many Keywords as You Like…Because it’s Unlimited!

This sentence I’m typing right here is a keyword/keyword phrase in and of itself.  Why do I say this?  Because every word, every phrase, every sentence and every question ever submitted online can be looked at by Google as a keyword or keyword phrase.


It is important to know this fact because there are millions of internet users across the globe that are adding content to the internet every single day, so finding “Low Competition” or “Highly Lucrative” keywords for you to use in your content is essential in gaining new, organic traffic to your site.  So to help you research and find these low-hanging pieces of fruit (so to speak), you’re going to need a Keyword Research Tool that will assist you in sifting through all of the dirt in order to find the gold within your selected Niche.


Wealthy Affiliate has its own Keyword Tool (available to all premium members) that acquires significant amounts of data from all the major search engines I mentioned above and on top of that, it even gives you data on all the competition for the keywords you’re researching to help gain clear insights on what will work for you best and what will not.


Unlimited access to this powerful keyword research tool as a premium member is going to allow you to perform as many keyword searches as you need to find the right keywords for your niche as you see fit…and at No Extra Charge!  This is also a service you could provide to local businesses and charge them for your time and your results without having any further business expenses of your own.


Are you beginning to realize the many various ways in which you could earn revenue, other than just in your own business or website?  The opportunities are endless!


PREMIUM ADVANTAGE #6:  LIVE VIDEO TRAINING Courses – Offered Weekly & Highly Interactive

Brand new topics and strategies are taught each week via Live Video courses offered by Jay, a Keynote Speaker, and Success Coach within WA, that enables premium members to get “hands-on” step by step training in some of the most important areas of online business.  These Live Video Sessions include (but are not limited to):


        • (1) – Comprehensive video “walk throughs” on “How To…” topics & strategies
        • (2) – Creation of New Online Business concepts
        • (3) – Strategies on how to increase your online revenue
        • (4) – Direct interaction with Jay and other like-minded and successful online entrepreneurs
        • (5) – Step-by-Step Easy to Follow Instructionals
        • (6) – Questions and Answers forum, offering Live answers to your immediate questions & pressing issues
        • (7) – Recorded Video Replays made available 24/7 to premium members (consisting of over One-Hundred hours of previous video training)
        • (8) – Local & In-Person Marketing & Referral Techniques
        • (9) – Transforming Your Website Vistors into Buyers – Strategies, Techniques, and Procedures
        • (10) – Education, Training & Help with Website “Code” (like HTML, Java, PHP, etc.) if you care to learn all that jazz (not me, but it’s there if you want it!)
        • (11) – Simple training sessions for Newbie’s starting from scratch
        • (12) – Advanced training sessions for the experienced online marketers looking to improve, grow, expand and increase gross revenues
        • …and much, much more….literally any topic you can imagine will be taught here or already has been and is available via the Video Replays


Now if you’re like me and you learn better by “visual presentations or illustrations” and/or video step by step lessons, then this is definitely for You!

Another very cool feature here is that all of the video training courses are completely optimized for mobile phones and tablets, so you can literally watch these anytime and anywhere that is most convenient for you.



PREMIUM ADVANTAGE #7: Immediate & Unlimited Full-Access to WA’s World Famous Blog Forum (over 400,000 highly valuable articles!)

You need to understand that Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a brand new company.  As a matter of fact, Wealthy Affiliate was born and opened to the public in September of 2005, so they are well established now and have literally helped thousands of people become successful in the online business realm.


That being said, there is now over TEN YEARS worth of accumulated, laser-focused articles that add tremendous value to the training courses and compliment them directly…and added up, these additional educational articles equate to over 400,000 posts that touch on every single topic you can imagine to help you succeed with your new online business.


You will also find that these articles contain:

        • Financial Success Stories (there’s even a True story of how a new premium member made over $50,000 in revenue their very first month in WA!)
        • Stories of Struggles people have had along the way and How they Overcame those Struggles
        • Case Studies
        • Advanced Training Outlines and How-To’s
        • Unveiling Additional & Optional Tools to improve your site and conversions
        • Inspirational Stories
        • Frustration Stories
        • Motivational Stories
        • Rags to Riches Stories
        • …and about any other type of story you can think of…it’s like the world’s biggest online success magazine in a sense!


Basically, if you need ANY sort of information regarding online business at all…it’s in there and all you have to do to find is is type your query into the main search box at the top of your profile page and you’ll be sure to find it.


PREMIUM ADVANTAGE #8:  NO-HOLDS-BAR!  Full-Access to ALL Premium training, courses, lessons, videos…EVERYTHING that’s Available is YOURS!


This even includes ALL of the New Premium Training that is added each and every week…and sometimes even daily.

The new videos, lessons, sessions, courses, tools, etc. that WA consistently adds is to help cover up to date topics, new strategies that are constantly becoming available in this fast-paced online world, and much more so that you can keep your website and your business going full speed ahead with confidence in knowing that you’re never going to fall “behind the times” as well as being able to always offer your visitors and your clients the best of the best via your website.


Remember, these much-needed features are strictly exclusive to members that are on the Premium plan.  They are necessary enhancements that will enable you to optimize your abilities as well as your skills as an online entrepreneur resulting in a much wider range of revenue generating options and resources.


PREMIUM ADVANTAGE #9: Ability to become certified as an Online Entrepreneur through the WA 6-Level Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

If you’ve ever desired to learn what it takes to be a legitimate online entrepreneur, then you’ll want to start with WA’s action packed, action-based educational certification course called, The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.  As a Premium member, you’ll gain full access to all six task-driven courses that will assist you in building your online business quickly.


There are Sixty total lessons that include all the “must-have’s” to becoming an official online entrepreneur.  Many premium members utilize this training to build a local business of their own in which they offer their “online skills & expertise” to local business owners who desire to take their business to the next level via the internet.  Once again…here’s another way you can earn an income utilizing the strategies and education from within Wealthy Affiliate.


Business owners WILL pay you for your knowledge and your expertise…so use this to your advantage!



PREMIUM ADVANTAGE #10:  There’s nothing like getting treated like the best – Premium Members get PREMIUM TREATMENT!

When you make the decision to be a Premium member within Wealthy Affiliate, you are making more of a commitment to yourself than you are WA or any of it’s members or courses.  It is completely up to YOU to determine and define your successes and your future as an online marketer.  How bad do you want it?  How hard are you willing to work for it?  How much time are you willing to commit to it?


These are all very important questions to ask yourself and you should answer them very honestly because your answers will determine your outcome.  And to be very direct here, if you are NOT serious about improving your life or becoming a successful online business owner, then don’t waste your time or your money in joining at all.


WA makes a solid commitment to YOU to deliver the absolute best online business training that you can find anywhere on planet earth, but the commitment for you to utilize this information to do something great for yourself is completely on you.


As I mentioned earlier, the founders have invested over $6,500,000.00 (million dollars) in developing this “World Class” educational platform (known as Wealthy Affiliate) since it’s inception in 2005…so they have already seriously invested in all of the members and have a vested interest in seeing every one of them succeed.  But they cannot “make” you take the action necessary on your end to get you to success…You will have to be the one that takes that action….but be assured that all the knowledge, education, tools and resources you will ever need are right there and in one centralized place called, Wealthy Affiliate Premium!



Joining Wealthy Affiliate Premium is as easy as pie and it literally only takes a few seconds to do so.  Do you feel like it’s time to begin changing your life forever?  Are you “In like Flynn?”


Remember…Your life as you know it now will NEVER change unless you take action and DO SOMETHING about it today!


I look forward to hearing from you inside….so once you join premium, look me up under the username, “WilsonJeremy” and say hello or message me with any questions you might have and I will gladly help you out to the best of my abilities…and if I don’t have the answers for you, then I’ll help you find an Expert within Wealthy Affiliate that will and I’ll put you in direct contact with them right away.


CONGRATULATIONS in advance for making the decision to improve your life, your business, and your income today!

Cheers to Your Success,

Jeremy Wilson – Founder at


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2 thoughts on “Premium vs. Unleaded – What is the best fuel for your WA Online Business Training Vehicle?

  • Amy

    After reading this article & speaking with you in person, I am definitely signing up for the free membership. This will be a fantastic way to use my Marketing Degree plus help to gain some online exposure & experience!! Thanks for sharing this article. What is your favorite feature of the Premium Membership & how has your experience been with Wealthy Affiliate Community?