Scam Alert!

Scam Alert! – Let’s Expose These Horrible Predators and Shut Them Down! 3 comments

Scam Alert! - Let's Expose These Horrible Predators and Shut Them Down!


Unfortunately, there are a lot of “sheep in wolve’s clothing” out there that prey upon the unfortunate and downtrodden people of this earth who have lost their job due to either being Fired or Denied Employment, or even folks that have suffered a business failure or even others that just can’t seem to get a job for whatever reason.


Another unfortunate fact is that no matter how hard we fight these idiots that do this horrible thing to good people, there is always going to be someone or some company around the corner that is going to be hiding in a back alley in the dark just waiting for you or your loved ones to walk by so they can jump out and rob you in a moments notice.


Would you agree?  Then keep reading….


I am not actually going to write much about any particular Scam Alert today but rather give YOU the opportunity to help us discover and unveil these nasty critters and together, let’s expose these horrible predators and shut them down!


Public Invitation

Consider this my Public Invitation to use my website and this article posting to tell your story or the story of someone you know and how they got scammed.  Be sure to “Name the Company” or “Person/Guru” who scammed you or the person you know to help inform others to stay far, far away from them because people need to be made aware and they need to be made aware of them NOW!



Sick and Tired!

Scam Alert! - Let's Expose These Horrible Predators and Shut Them Down!Personally, I’m sick and tired of good people being taken advantage of and robbed of their last dime, especially when they barely had a dime to begin with.  I know this all too well because I, myself, have fallen prey to such instances.

You Can Help Save Someone the Heartache, Simply Comment Below to Tell Your Story

You can truly be a massive help in this matter, therefore, I now “dub thee an official officer of the Scam Police!”  The way you write a ticket against these jerks is by filling in the comment section below and naming them for what and who they really are.


Fight Back Now by Telling Your Scam Story Below

So get to writing and know that many people see these posts on a daily basis…so your voice WILL BE HEARD!

Thank You for helping me warn good people about these bad scams!


All The Best,

Jeremy David Wilson



Scam Alert!

REPORT a SCAM in comment box below:

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3 thoughts on “Scam Alert! – Let’s Expose These Horrible Predators and Shut Them Down!

  • Apeng

    Hi Jeremy … I have not had the chance to get myself into any real internet scams as I have been avoiding them like crazy. Anything that sounds too good to be true I do a 180* … Sometimes I worry about missing out. I did get into email scams … Promising a certain amount of money but I was required to do certain stuffs that would make me cough money out. Lucky I didn’t have so much and ’twas difficult to send money out from Indonesia … Lucky me for being in a third world country with infrastructure that sucks sooo bad.

    Then there’s the borderlines … You can earn money but you will need to be smart about it … Like ad campaign platforms, I feel people can make money there but would need to be very expert Internet ad people. For starters like me … Paying for the membership there would be bringing money to a high stakes poker table when I can’t tell between a flush and a full house.

    What got me in trouble were the MLM … Spend a lot of money there for products and services I do not need or are simply waaaayyyyyyy over priced. These are my silent killers … The more I join, the more money I lose. Most need us to buy useless/mediocre expensive stuff or pay overly expensive memberships but we needed to get our down lines to fuel these memberships. They ask for us to target families n friends to start … Like selling insurance nowadays. Watch out these … It’s good when the products works or when the insurance is useful. So long as they are not over priced it’s fine … I draw the line when we are buying the same thing at 10 – 15 times the price alll for the hope of generating passive income at the expense of others.

    Take care Jeremy,

  • Emanuel

    Hello Jeremy,

    I don’t really have any personal stories that I can tell about any scams at this time, however, I’m anxious to see people report their scams here so that this page will eventually have all the information and facts anyone would need to help protect them from any and all scams, especially when they don’t know who to ask.

    I can clearly see this page as being a great resource for folks in the near future and I
    thank you a lot for caring enough to publish something like this Scam Alert post. We Must Stop Scammers!

    I’m really impressed with your site, especially in being a solid resource for people that have been Fired or Denied from employment! You are very helpful and it is clear to me that you know what you’re talking about due to your own experiences (as you stated in one of your articles).

    I think my favorite article of yours that I’ve read so far is the one titled, “A Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Unique Experience, The Good and The Bad” …I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such an honest, straightforward and detailed review as this before, especially on Wealthy Affiliate.

    So Thank you for taking the time to put all this together for us, you and your website have been a great educational resource for me and I completely respect your views and opinions!


    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hey Emanuel,

      WOW, what a great compliment you have given me there…I am honored that you would say that about me, my website and my articles! I am very thankful to have you as a visitor and reader here at and I look forward to getting to know you better over time as you continue to return.

      Is there anything specific that I can help you with today? Please know that I’m here for you man and I’m in your corner, so please reach out to me anytime and I’ll definitely do my best for you.

      Happy New Year to you and your family and thanks again for dropping in and saying hello.

      All The Best,
      Jeremy David Wilson