Six Figure Mentors Review Unveiled

Six Figure Mentors Review Unveiled – Some Say SCAM, Others Prove Legit – Which is it? 8 comments

Six Figure Mentors Review Unleashed - SCAM or Legit?


The main goal and purpose of is to help people find legitimate online income streams through tried and tested online programs and opportunities.


That being said, today I’m sharing my personal experience with you regarding The Six Figure Mentors within this review titled, “Six Figure Mentors Review Unleashed,” and we’ll take a close-up internal look at it with the intent of determining whether it is a Total Scam or Completely Legit.


I personally have invested over $10,000.00+ USD in testing this system, so before you sink any of your hard earned money into it, be sure to read this entire review through to the end.



!!! ATTENTION PLEASE !!! – After Reading this Full Report, Please READ and/or WRITE all “Complaints about The Six Figure Mentors” in the Comment Section Below!


Overall Snapshot & Ratings of The SFM


Six Figure Mentors Review UnveiledBusiness Name: The Six Figure Mentors

Aliases:  Six Figure Mentors ♦ SFM ♦ The SFM ♦ Digital Experts Academy ♦ DEA ♦ Digital Business Lounge ♦ DBL

Owners/Founders:  Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek

Business Address:  228 Park Avenue S #11107, New York, NY 10003

Website URL: ♦
My Rank (My Personal Opinion & Experience):  2nd Best Online Training Resource…if this is #2 Best, then which is #1?  (the #1 Best I’ve found is
Quality of Training – Ranking:   97/100
Quality of Tools – Ranking:   99/100
Cost for Value & Quality – Ranking:   71/100
Personal Support – Ranking:   84/100
Overall Ranking:   88/100 (score derived from a calculated average from the above ratings)

BBB Accredited? = No

BBB Business RatingSix Figure Mentors Review Unveiled - Some Say SCAM, Others Prove Legit - Which is it? (Click on to see their “Reasons for This Rating“)



“What” is The Six Figure Mentors?

The Six Figure Mentors is two things:

    1. It’s an Income/Business Opportunity that bases it’s business model around selling an “Online/Internet Marketing Educational Program”


  1. It’s an Educational Program in which it’s Courses, Lessons, Video Tutorials, Online Tools, etc. are designed to educate and enable folks on “How to build an Online Business” with it’s main focus is on training you how to promote the SFM educational system itself of which they pay you an Affiliate Commission for any time you refer a new paying customer to them, assuming you do not have your own high-ticket products and services to promote.




“WHO” are The Six Figure Mentors?

The Six Figure Mentors was founded by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.  Their “Vision” for creating The Six Figure Mentors Online/Internet Business Training Platform is Six Figure Mentors Review Unveiledlisted below (this quote was taken directly from their main website):


“Most people live the life they think they have to live.  They are unfulfilled, overworked, stressed and stuck in a system that exploits them instead of helping them achieve their highest potential.


They get the education they think they need to get the job society says they should want.  Unfortunately, most lack the life skills required to be self-made and self-reliant.


Our vision is to wake up millions of people to realize the tremendous potential that lies within themselves.  And further, to show them how to harness and exploit this potential in the new, digital economy.


In doing so, they will transition from reliance on their current job or occupation to a life of freedom, self-reliance, and total control.  They will do good in the world by creating wealth and abundance not only for themselves, but also for their communities and those around them.”

– Stuart & Jay via



“WHERE” are The Six Figure Mentors based out of?

The Six Figure Mentors HeadQuarters is located at 228 Park Avenue S #11107, New York, NY 10003




The Type of People That Could Benefit from The Six Figure Mentors Training Progam

People that desire to learn how to build a successful business online, either by promoting their own products and services or by earning commissions via promoting other people’s products and services (known as Affiliate Marketing or an Affiliate Marketer), whether they already have experience and are just looking to improve their skills and results or even if they’re a Newbie to the industry and desire to start with learning the basics and scale up from there.


Now are there other companies out there that offer this same type of education?  YES!  Just be sure to do your research on each one of them before you decide which one is best for you…and whatever you do, DON’T FALL PREY TO “HYPE!”  Get the facts, compare the facts and make your decisions based upon the facts!


In other words, do NOT allow some “Guru” to sell you on why you should buy into any program simply because they’re flashing fancy cars, huge mansions or million dollar Yachts at you.  Be cautious.  Get Informed.  Don’t spend money you don’t have…there’s a vast amount of FREE education out there that the so called Gurus are more than happy to charge you for…so just be very careful.


I am more than willing to share my knowledge with you for FREE, so if you have questions or if there is something you’d like to learn, then just tell me about it in the comment section below and I help you to the best of my abilities….and in the case that I do not have the answers you seek, I am willing to help you find the correct answers.  That is my invitation to you to use me as a free resource any time you feel the need.





Six Figure Mentors Review UnveiledThe training is rather phenomenal.  They have truly developed a holistic training program that starts off with “Mindset” training then moves on to building your own website, how to build out and set up the pages and blog posts on your website, how to add content to your website, all the various marketing strategies, how to capture leads and convert them to sales and more.


I really was quite impressed with the training courses and I really liked how they make you finish a task (like a homework assignment) before opening access to the next course.  This just helps people gain progress as the move along (some call it the “learning to earn while you learn” approach) and prevents folks from skipping ahead.


And the fact that the majority of the training is delivered to you via “Video Tutorials” was a huge plus for me because I’m one of those types of people who learn best by visual or video illustrations rather than by a bunch of textbook style lessons.


The SUPPORT – Both Good & Bad (see “the Bad” below):

The Good-Support is that they have people in specific support positions to help with specified areas of your new online business.  For instance, they have someone that helps with Website setup (technical), then they have someone that is designated to help with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing, and someone to help with Content Creation…so on and so forth.


Another “Good” thing about the support was that I was personally contacted, on several different occasions, by actual Leaders and Top Earners within the company when I felt as I was “hitting a brick wall” or stumped on a training module or personal mindset issue.


And I’m not talking about just emailing me, they actually called me directly on my phone and then there were a couple other instances where they contacted me face to face via Skype.


I thought that was really cool and highly valuable as I could then see that there were actually people that cared enough to take the time to call me.  One very successful guy contacted me via Skype and we talked for over an hour and a half…and this guy usually charges others $200 – $300 per hour for personal coaching and development purposes, so I felt highly honored to get that time with him at no charge.

How To Make Money With Game Apps – Video Game Affiliate Programs


The online business tools they provide within the SFM system are also pretty awesome.  They have simplified nearly everything so that a Newbie (like I was at the time of joining The Six Figure Mentors) could easily navigate them all and put them to use without have to know HTML, SMTP, or any other coding for that matter.  It just helps normal folks, like myself, to get up and running with our own online businesses much faster and more effectively.


The Tools included within the system are things like:

(1).   Getting Started Courses

(2).  Bonus Training Courses

(3).  Digital Experts Academy – Training Courses on specific topics like, How to use All features in Google, How to use Bing Ads, and much more.

(4).  Digital Business Lounge – A “HUB” containing ALL of your website editing stuff and access to all of your online marketing tools.

(5).  Marketing Tools, such as:

a.  TidyURL – a link shortener similar to

b.  YourTUBE Player – Video editing made super easy.

c.  Graphix Creator – Simple and Easy tool for creating professional graphics for your site.

d.  Simple Lead Capture

e.  SimpleTRAKK

f.  Smart Media Library

g.  Digital Writers

h.  WordPress 101

i.   SFM/DEA/DBL WordPress Plugins

k.  Simple Report Generators

l.  …and a whole lot more.  Basically, if you need a tool for anything specific, more than likely, SFM has it there for you and many of them are Free.


To see any of these tools in action, Click on the link in the top menu bar of this page that says “ONLINE TOOLS” and you can see them in action there…and I even broke them down and labeled them according to FREE TOOLS, PAID TOOLS, & TRIAL OFFER TOOLS for your convenience.




SUPPORT – Both Bad & Good (see “the Good” above):

The Bad-Support that I experienced was that I was not informed of who to contact for what….this was very frustrating to me because I would have to spend valuable time searching for and asking for who I am supposed to contact for various issues I was having.

Six Figure Mentors Review Unveiled

{*Learn More About The Six Figure Mentors In This Video Above*}

And sometimes, it would be two or three days before anybody would reply to me, which really slowed down my overall progress.

This is an area where they need to improve, and it could all be fixed with them supplying all members, right up front, with a list of support members to contact in time of need and labeling those support members with the type of support they offer and such.  I assume this will improve over time but I cannot say for sure if it will or not.


Another “BAD” point about the support (in my opinion) was the fact that there were so many “support forums” and Facebook support pages, each on different specific topics or for specific purposes, that it really made it hard to know where to go when you had a question or an issue that needed to be resolved.


For instance, I was posting my questions to a certain “support forum” within the SFM system and sometimes it would be days (even a week or more in some cases) before someone would get back to me.


Then one day while being very frustrated, I began asking around to various “leaders” as to where I can go to get answers to my questions and they told me that the reason that I wasn’t getting any responses, or no quick responses, to the questions I was posting there was because the support forum I was posting to “isn’t really the place that the leaders hang out anymore” and that I should start posting my questions to one of their Facebook Groups instead.


I was like, “Well why didn’t somebody tell me that months ago???”  Geez!



 This one hurts a little…Ouch!  Talk about taking a chunk out of my pocket!  As I mentioned above, I’ve literally spent over $10,000 USD in testing the SFM system out.  Now was it worth it?  I’d have to say that I do believe it was worth it because it taught me a lot about online marketing that I had never known before and did help me get my first official website up and running, which I had never done before.


I guess you could look at it like this, and that is, most people pay a small fortune to go to college and come out years later with a butt-load full of debt that is well above what you would ever pay The Six Figure Mentors.  So that’s how I look at it…and that is, I paid for an education of which was highly valuable to me and enabled me to begin my own online business in becoming an online entrepreneur.


Can you get this type of education for less?  YES!  It really depends on what you’re “really” looking for and what kind of funds you have available to invest in yourself with.  I can give you other options that are super inexpensive and some totally Free methods as well…If you’d like to know what they are, then just leave me a note in the comment box below this article and I’ll be happy to tell you.




“The 7-Day Video Bootcamp Training Series”

LEVEL 2 – $29.95 USD one-time fee

“The SFM Application”

LEVEL 3 – $297 upfront then $97 per month following

“Elite Membership”


“DEA Silver Membership”Six Figure Mentors Review Unveiled


“DEA Gold Membership”Six Figure Mentors Review Unveiled


“DEA Platinum Membership”Six Figure Mentors Review Unveiled


“DEA Black Membership”Six Figure Mentors Review Unveiled

SFM/DEA’s Income Dislcaimer:Six Figure Mentors Review Unveiled



Testimonials – Experiences Others Have Had – Meet Some of the Current Members Who Have Found Success with SFM:


Greg & Fiona Scott…(click the Play button below to hear their success story)…

Lee and Tami who Earned $291,487.55 Within Their First 12 months of signing up for SFM:

Lee and Tami are from the UK.  They are a young couple who have proved that they could earn $291,487.55 with the Six Figure Mentors Educational Platform and Selling System.  They have also won multiple Prizes along the way, including a brand-new MacBook Pro laptop computer!  What they both say when asked, “What do you like most about SFM?” they’ll tell you that they love how the system runs on auto-pilot for them while they spend time with their family and traveling!  Income Disclaimer


Six Figure Mentors Review Unveiled 

“The SFM Business System and membership has been incredible for us.  Particularly with regard to us being able to incrementally master the foundational steps in becoming digital marketers.  All the while having the potential to ‘earn while we learn’.  We went from zero to six figures in earnings within 6 months and it`s literally given us a lifestyle of complete freedom!” – Lee & Tami

A Gentleman by the name, Mark Ford, produced over $20,000 + Month for the first time in his life:

Mark Ford is an ex-lawyer & property investor from the UK.  But Mark had much bigger dreams than just shuffling legal documents.  He wanted to become a successful Online Entrepreneur!  Not too long ago, Mark achieved his first $20,000 + Month in commissions using the SFM system!   Income Disclaimer



Meet Jeffery Ross, Who Earned $10,000 in one Month for his first time ever Within 6 Months of joining SFM:

Jeffery Ross is from Australia, the “Down Under” territory.  He is a young family man who earned first $10,000 month with the six figure mentors platform, and all within just 6 months of getting started online with SFM.


Jeffery is one of those people who was told by his Doctor that he couldn`t work again in the traditional workforce due to certain physical limitations, so rather than sit back and do nothing about it, he got to work using the SFM program and soon discovered more success than he had ever known before.   Income Disclaimer

Six Figure Mentors Review Unveiled

There are literally HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of additional testimonials that you can find on YouTube if you simply search for them.



My Personal Experience & ACTUAL Results

I’m going to be completely honest here and let you know that I have been a member with SFM for nearly 6 months now and I have not produced any income from it at this point like some of the folks did in the above-mentioned testimonials.  However, I do believe it can be done and I have personally spoken with two of the people above over the phone and on Skype and they have, in fact, verified with me that those numbers they achieved that are mentioned above, are true and factual.


Even though the successes I’ve had so for do not include monetary successes, I do consider the fact that this training program did, in fact, teach me how to begin a business online, and since then, I’ve been able to build up hundreds of leads withing my list builder (see “List Building for Profit” for more info on that topic) of whom still continue to read my newsletters and blog posts.  In a sense, I’ve been successful at building a “Fan Base” or what others may refer to as “Subscribers” or “Loyal Reader Following.”


If you’d like me to share actual screenshots of my results, then leave me a comment below and let me know what you’d like to see and I’ll be happy to share those stats with you anytime.



Do YOU think it’s a SCAM or LEGIT?

Have you had previous experience with The Six Figure Mentors or Digital Experts Academy?


Six Figure Mentors Review Unveiled

{*Video Information About SFM Above*}

If so, what do you think?  Is the SFM/DEA a SCAM or is it LEGIT?


Please leave your answer in the comment box below and also tell us “WHY” you think it’s either a scam or a legitimate opportunity.  The public needs to know, so thank you in advance for commenting on this as this article may help many people know whether to try it out, or run real fast!


If you are Firm on the fact that you believe it to be a Scam, or if there are any OTHER Scams you’ve been a victim of, then please help us Warn others by reporting it to our “REPORT A SCAM” page which you can access quickly by clicking HERE.



Should You Sign Up, Yes or No?

That is a question that you will have to answer yourself.  Remember to do your research on ANYTHING before you pay a single dime…and you should always register for ANY program’s “Free” memberships, or “FREE” training, videos, etc. before taking out your pocketbook so that you can get an “inside look” at what it really is before determining whether it is something for you or not.  Trying the FREE option also lets you get a good glimpse at “how valuable” the training courses may or may not be.


So be sure to Try it before you buy it otherwise you may end up more broke than you were before and hating yourself for making a hasty decision to jump in with both feet right out of the gate.



Sign-Up Options

Think you want to sign up?  Well DON’T do that until you’ve done your full research and you have at least registered for their FREE “SFM 7-Day Video Bootcamp” series of training courses which give you an inside view of what you will actually be getting if you decide to whip out your credit card and go for the gusto.

You can access the “SFM 7-Day Video Bootcamp series HERE for Free.”


OR…if you’d rather receive similar training from Wealthy Affiliate but save $Thousands$, you can sign up for their “Lifetime FREE Membership.” Read My Full Review HERE.


Need Even More Information?

You are welcome to read my `8 Reasons Why You May or May Not Want to Join the Six Figure Mentors` which will take you to my personal blog site, or you can click on  the banner below and claim your complimentary report and `lifestyle by design` video training series.




If there is some type of info that you believe I may have missed here, please point it out to me by leaving a note in the comment box below and I’ll be happy to add it to this article if it is relevant to the topic at hand.


Also, if you have any questions, concerns or some other program that you’d like me to research for you, please tell me about it in the comment section below and I’ll gladly help you out…and completely FREE of charge!  🙂


Make it a great day and I wish you all Many Blessings and Much Prosperity!


All The Best,

Jeremy Wilson, Founder of


***Need to know more about  Read “About Us” HERE.***

Six Figure Mentors Review Unveiled


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8 thoughts on “Six Figure Mentors Review Unveiled – Some Say SCAM, Others Prove Legit – Which is it?

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hello Carl,

      Thank you for the compliments and for taking the time to read my crazy, long reviews…LOL! If I can be of any assistance to you, please reply back to this message and I’ll be more than happy to help you anytime.

      All The Best,

      Jeremy Wilson
      Founder & Executive Director of

  • Allan Siegel

    Although the overall content writing is good, it was too much to digest. I had difficulty reading through it all with the font you chose, so you want want to consider a change. Keep on with your efforts at WA.

  • Gerry Lynch

    Hello Jeremy,

    Thank you for providing us with this very honest information. This is the best and most excellent review of SFM (The Six Figure Mentors) and DEA (Digital Experts Academy) as well as the most in-depth review about them that I have ever read!

    I also had previously joined SFM and would have to say that, although it is not a scam, it is an expensive program and I have found that Wealthy Affiliate offers the same type of training courses and very similar online tools just as the SFM does, but at such a low price that nearly everyone can afford it. And the cool fact about Wealthy Affiliate is that there is NO hidden fees or extremely high dollar upgrades like SFM has.

    SFM teaches you lots of great things about how to build your own successful online business but I personally do not see the return on the investment. You can read my own personal review of SFM here

    Key point to all of this is that I think people should do their research on both companies first, there are lots of programs for a fraction of the cost but I can honestly say that Wealthy Affiliate truly does offer you the most value and the most “bang for your buck” out of all the programs I have tried in the past.

    Thanks again for being so honest and transparent with your reviews here on your website, you are a true light in an online world that can be so dark!



    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hello Gerry, or do you prefer to go by Dugg2?

      Thank you for sharing your honest opinion as well and it is very nice to know that I’m not the only one that has had experience with both SFM and Wealthy Affiliate and found Wealthy Affiliate to be the “best bang for your buck” as you stated.

      I personally have had more success with WA in a shorter amount of time than I ever did with SFM, not to mention that I’ve only spent about $300 (on WA’s yearly membership) compared to over $10,000 with the SFM…so this simple fact alone tells me that Wealthy Affiliate is much better for folks just starting out online and on a budget when compared to The Six Figure Mentors…even though both programs are great. But why spend tens of thousands of dollars on a program when you can get the same info, training and better support for only $47 per month like you can with Wealthy Affiliate, right?

      Have you read my review on Wealthy Affiliate yet? If not, you may want to do so by clicking this link here: “The Good & The Bad about Wealthy Affiliate – My Unique Experience

      Thanks again for stopping by and hopefully between your review on SFM and my SFM review, we will help hundreds if not thousands of people in making better choices for themselves that will enable them to keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets while learning how to make money on the internet as an online entrepreneur.

      May you have a highly Blessed and Prosperous day!

      All The Best,
      Jeremy David Wilson

  • Rian


    Thank you for this honest review! You can see you are truly honest because you’ve mentioned that you haven’t earned money yet with the program!

    This is nice to see because a lot of websites say they are honest, but, in fact, they are just promoting the product without revealing any kind of positive or negative results of their own at all. So I commend you for your honesty and transparency…those are very rare traits, especially in the online business world!

    I believe the Six Figure Mentors program can be legit, but it’s just way too expensive. Especially when you consider the super low-cost fee that Wealthy Affiliate (SFM’s major competitor) asks for their online training courses and you basically get the same type of training that SFM/DEA offers.

    For what it’s worth, my vote is for Wealthy Affiliate…I hope that’s ok to say.

    Keep on the good work,

  • Sam

    Great review here Jeremy!
    I believe you hit all the valuable points.

    I too have been a member of both affiliate programs and have to agree on your take and give SFM a “LEGIT” vote.
    Everything has it’s pro’s and con’s.

    Both systems offer great value and I agree with you on the support with SFM.

    I too would contact one person (the one I was under the impression to contact) only to be told it wasn’t their department
    to call this other person only to be asked “who told you to contact me, that’s not my department?”. This could be frustrating.

    I also found their community to be great and helpful…..sometimes…..By this I mean it is an awesome community but I think
    there might be some segregation going on between the newbies and the “higher ups”. Often times in the newbie forum your
    questions can go unanswered, not because I don’t think anybody cares, I just think because everyone is so new they don’t
    know the answers themselves. Kind of like the blind leading the blind.

    Mostly, great people, great tools, great value and great education.

    However, you do have to have more money to invest. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you plan on being an affiliate you will have bigger ticket commissions.

    If someone is seeking only education you will get the same value with WA and spend less money.

    If you want to be an affiliate of both programs and earn commissions I would compare the two as the difference between selling a Rolls Royce as opposed to a Honda. You will get a bigger commission I’m sure with a Rolls Royce and targeting the right audience, but you will probably sell more Honda’s to a more general public to make the same (or greater) amount of money.

    And, I forgot to mention the community and support at WA is superior.

    Great review Jeremy and I hope I helped add some more insight to anyone “shopping”.