WalMart Closes Stores

WalMart Closes Stores to Encourage WalMart Shopping Online – People of WalMart Panic! 1 comment

WalMart Closes Stores

269 WalMart Stores Closing

The world’s most renowned Retailer Giant just delivered a super shocking and horribly terrifying announcement yesterday, January 15th, 2016.  The People of WalMart panic as the news spreads that WalMart Closes Stores to encourage WalMart Shopping Online, thus increasing online sales and profits while lowering the costly overhead of maintaining active employees and physical location expenses.


This is a HUGE blow to nearly every worker and employee of WalMart because all are in fear of losing their jobs!  Some of these employees have been working for WalMart for over 20+ years….Unbelievable!  My heart goes out to all WalMart employees today and I write/speak directly to all of you who are, or will soon be, affected by their decisions to increase profits over the financial health and well-being of the people that have shed blood, sweat and tears for years for this Corporate Monster.


You’ve probably already learned of many of the facts, therefore, I’m only going to highlight the major points in this article and then help all of you understand that there are other options that you can implement right away to begin building a new financial future for you and your families.  This will describe Income Options that You can create in which YOU are in CONTROL of so that you NEVER have to worry about “getting cut, laid-off, fired from your job or denied employment” ever again!


First let me introduce myself and explain “WHY” I care:

WalMart Closes Stores


Hello my friend, My name is Jeremy David Wilson (I give you my full name so that you know I am very serious about being open, honest, caring and completely transparent with you and with this information) and I too have struggled financially for the last several years due to both a business failure as well as being “let go” from my previous employer…so I completely, and whole-heartedly know how you feel right at this very moment!


I don’t want to blabber on about my financial history in this article, however, it is important for you to understand “where I came from” and “why I care” about you and all of the other folks across the globe who have either already lost their job or are about to lose their job due to the WalMart Department Store Closures in 2016, including any store closures prior as well.  So before we go any further, take a moment to read my Bio by following these quick steps…


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The official announcement made Friday that WalMart plans to close all 102 of it’s “WalMart Express” stores along with 167 other retail locations has employees, especially their elderly employees, nervous and scared about what income options, or job options, they may have after they’re laid off and let go.  The Grand Total of expected store closings comes to a whopping 269 as per WalMarts most recent announcement.


Financial stress is never fun and the fear of it causes many to sink into deep depression and sometimes even resulting in suicide.  I have been in this very situation (too many times) and it is because of facing years of hardship due to job losses of various sorts, that I have become extremely passionate about helping others who have suffered (or are soon to suffer) the same circumstances.  This is how and why this website,, was born and continues to be in existence today.

Learn more “About” HERE

WalMart’s Growth & Profit Strategies Take a Turn

WalMart “used to” base their revenue growth and profit increases off of the strategic planning of continuing to build new stores in new locations all across the globe but with a majority of their focus here in the United States.  This is no longer the case at all, and as a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite.


WalMart Express Stores:

They had originally planned on increased revenue with the idea of creating and building smaller “Express” store locations but that obviously did not gain them the expected results because now they plan to close every single one of them that they put into existence….all One-Hundred-and-Two of them!


In other efforts to grow profits prior to the WalMart Express Store locations being planted across the nation, the Retail Giant had established what we all know now as the WalMart Neighborhood Markets, which were originally planned out to be built near the WalMart SuperCenter locations in effort to allow “shoppers that were in a hurry” to have a smaller location that they could get in and out of much quicker than fighting all the traffic in a SuperCenter parking lot or walking long distances just to grab one or two quick items.


WalMart Neighborhood Markets:

WalMart Closes StoresHowever, WalMart is now reconsidering that entire sales strategy and is currently “evaluating” all of the Neighborhood Market locations and is working to “refine” this strategy.


What does that mean for these locations?


I’m not sure yet, but the two words I mentioned above, “refined & evaluated,” do not sound very promising to me…but that is merely my assumption according to how the Corporate World seems to function these days.


All I know is that WalMart’s CEO, Doug McMillon, had indicated back in the latter part of 2015 that the willingness to close stores does in fact exist.  My guess is that locations that are “not performing up to par” will experience some type of cutbacks, but as far as how severe these cutbacks will be, we will just have to wait and see.


WalMart SuperCenters:

The birth of these massive retail / produce / department store locations we have come to know very well as WalMart SuperCenters have rocked the retail industry all over the world in both positive and negative ways.  For consumers, these huge stores promising “Every day Low Prices” and flaunting the “Happy Shopper Smiley Face” has been an instant thought for most people as their “go-to” store for anything and everything they need.


This brought a much needed “convenience” factor to the average consumer shopper because it meant that they wouldn’t have to drive to various stores in various locations all around their town or city instantly creates the appearance of “saving time and money.”  So did consumers fall in love with this concept?  You bet your bottom dollar they did!  This “love” for the new WalMart SuperCenters spread like crazy wildfire and enabled WalMart to begin throwing up new SuperCenter locations all over the place.


Did it initially create Jobs for locals?  Of course, it did, but as too many have already come to know…having a J.O.B. at WalMart or even owning employee stock in WalMart does NOT guarantee “job security!”


Another great question to ask and consider is, “How have the gigantic SuperCenters affected local business owners?”


WalMart Closes StoresI think we all know the answer to this question, because if you paid any attention at all to your town or city where you live or lived whenever you had witnessed a new WalMart SuperCenter being built, not too long after you would see local businesses go belly up and forced to close their doors forever because all of their loyal customers then became more loyal to WalMart and stopped visiting and shopping at the locally owned retail shops.


This has always been something that has been very sad for me to see.


Take a Mom and Pop shop for example.  Let’s say they were a second, third or even fourth generation Mom and Pop shop and had been in business in the same location for the last 50 or 60 years and then all the sudden a SuperCenter pops up and that entire family’s livelihood, the only income or job experience they’ve ever known, is flushed down the toilet virtually overnight.  Heartbreaking!


WalMart Online Shopping Store

So WHY is WalMart closing Stores to begin with?  The answer to that question is simple…Because their new sales strategy is to direct more of its shoppers to buy from their WalMart Online Store.


Why this shift to focussing on Online business rather than it’s traditional Brick-n-Mortar business model?


That answer is also simple.  It’s because:


  1. No expense of purchasing or leasing land
    • Imagine all the money they’d save if they didn’t have to have land to build all their stores on..that fact alone means enormous savings!
  2. Requires much less manpower
    • meaning, a lot fewer employees are needed to run an online store
  3. Much Less Overhead Expenses
    • No physical location means NO UTILITIES that have to be paid for
    • No need to Stock merchandise at every single location
      • Online stores could stock merchandise at centralized warehouse locations with minimal employees to manage it.
    • No shopping carts to buy and keep track of
      • No employees needed to fetch the shopping carts


…and the examples could go on and on and on….I think you get the point here.



Online Sales = Higher Profits!

WalMart Closes StoresAs you can clearly see from the above definitions and examples as to why WalMart is transitioning more and more of their sales efforts to their Online Stores, Online Business is definitely the wave of the future.


Heck, you probably do a lot of your own shopping online in this day and age, am I correct?  Or if not, somebody in your family or someone you know does, right?


So if the Giant Retailers all across the globe are liquidating their physical locations and turning to selling their goods on the internet, then why shouldn’t You consider your next move to be starting your own online business?

Think About it!



Time to Decide Your Next Move – Search for another Job or Start Your Own Business

Yes, If finding another J.O.B. (or as I like to call a job as meaning, “J.ust O.ver B.roke”…lol…well, maybe not that funny but so, so true for most people!) seems nearly impossible to you or if it just literally makes your skin crawl to think of having to waste months or even years trying to find another job, then you should seriously consider taking full control of your future from this point forward and starting your own online business and be your own boss for a change!


How does the thought of that make you feel?  Good?  Or Bad?


If it makes you feel Bad, then you can stop reading at this point because what I have to say following this will not interest you.


However, if you feel GOOD about the idea of creating Your very own Online Business, then you will definitely want to read the rest of this article in its entirety!


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You Want to Start Your Own Online Business – But Where Do You Start?


As today’s Job Market seems to continually decline, average people suffer.  Most likely, you may be one of these people.  Are you?  Hard Working people have either lost their annual salaries, or their salary continues to either remain the same or even go down each year…and with the cost of living continually on the rise, many people don’t know how their even going to make it through this month, let alone next month, next year or even years to come!


And Retirement?  Yeah Right!


WalMart Closes StoresMost of us have very little or No retirement savings and most corporations have gotten rid of any Pension plans and the retirement strategies they offer to their employees generally results in the retirees forced to live a “near poverty” lifestyle once they’ve retired.  Know anybody like that?  I bet you do!


You may not even be an employee, maybe you’re a business owner who has employees that actually make more than you do…What’s wrong with that picture???


I have personally faced all of those issues myself, but it is through those struggles and those failures that I found the strength to begin researching “a better way” for me which also led me to my passion of helping others find a better way.


And what is this “better way” that I speak of?


The answer is, “My Own Online Business!”  And now I help other hard working people, just like yourself, to be able to acquire the tools and the education necessary so that you too can start your own successful online business and never have to face horrible job cuts or business failures ever again.  And just like WalMart is doing with transitioning their business model to online sales to maximize profits while lowering expenses…You can now do the same exact thing they are doing!



But How Do You Start Your Own Online Business if you have No Knowledge of How to Do so?

I spent years and years trying to find a better way to make a living and it wasn’t until last year that I actually found a super inexpensive (some of which is totally free) and completely legitimate way to transform my finances and my lifestyle.


Prior to finding this solution to my business and financial needs, I literally spent Tens of Thousands of dollars “trying out” all kinds of MLM’s and Network marketing ploys that either all turned out to be scams or that only made “the guru’s on the top levels” any kind of decent money.


WalMart Closes StoresI tell you that because I hope to save you the years of financial agony by letting you know to not make the same mistakes as me, and learn from my devastating failures by choosing the best option that I have found in my entire life, and that is starting your own online business that you are fully in control of and learning to do so through the Online Business School that is known as Wealthy Affiliate or Wealthy Affiliate University.


I have written a fully detailed review on Wealthy Affiliate that compares it to other “so called” online business marketing schools or universities out there, and it contains all the information you would need to know how to start your own online business and what you need to do to get started.


So without any further ado, I invite you to read my review by clicking “HERE – A Full Review of Wealthy Affiliate University, The Good & The Bad“.


….OR…. You can go straight to beginning to build your online business and learning “How to Get Started Now right HERE.”


If you need any further information or if you have any questions for me, please leave them in the comment box below and I will get back in touch with you ASAP.  My desire is that this information is highly valuable to you and gives you what you need to take the next step in gaining full control of your own financial future.


All The Best,

Jeremy David Wilson, Founder of

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