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What’s Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work – Online Income Secrets Revealed! 26 comments

What's Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work


Chances are that if you’re reading this right now, that you have obviously heard of the term “Affiliate Marketing” or “Online Affiliate Marketing” or “Online Marketing,” right?  Another term often associated with this is “Social Media Marketing” and many times they are often confused simply because the phrase is used (or misused) so many times that some folks just don’t know exactly what it is.


So if you’re not absolutely sure of what Affiliate Marketing really means, what it is, what it does and what you can do with it, then you’re in the right place right now because I am going to explain and define to you in detail EXACTLY that.  Without any further hesitation, let’s answer this question, “What’s Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?”  Let’s also fully uncover the Online Income Secrets Revealed here and now!What's Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work



4 Main Things You Need To Know

Just as the photo illustration shows above, Affiliate Marketing consists of four main things:

-1-  Join an Affiliate Program.

-2-  Promote a Product from within the Affiliate Program you have joined.

-3-  Track the Leads and Sales that come in.

-4-  Earn Commissions and Get Paid.

What's Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work



Here’s the exact Definition of the phrase, “Affiliate Marketing” –

af·fil·i·ate mar·ket·ing


  1. a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals:

    “most of my earnings are from affiliate marketing, direct ad sales, and sponsored posts” (definition provided by Oxford Dictionaries via Bing Search).

Now you know both the definition of the term and the 4-Step breakdown of the process of affiliate marketing.

What's Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work


Just yesterday, I created a detailed, Step-by-Step Tutorial using Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing program as an example…but of course, you can choose any affiliate program of your choice and if you’d like to know “How To Find Affiliate Marketing Programs,” then leave me a comment below telling me what type of product or service you’d like to promote and I’ll be happy to show you how to find it….it’s as easy as 1,2,3!




Rather than explain it all over again, just click on the title-link below which will take you to the article I wrote yesterday called:





That should give you all the information you need to know to gain understanding as well as all the steps necessary to get started today if you so choose.  However, if you have read both this article as well as the one I just listed above and you feel like you need even more information, then my best recommendation for you at this point is to for you to enroll in an online educational course that will not only explain this topic in much further detail, but will also teach you step by step in ALL aspects of Affiliate Marketing so that you can begin to master this online income technique for yourself and turn it into a profitable business that you can operate from anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop, tablet or smart phone and an internet connection.

What's Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work



To find an Online Educational Course to fit your learning needs, you can simply search for one on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc….or you can start with either one of the courses that I personally use of which I have listed below.  Just click on either one to get further details:

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing University

Digital Experts Academy (a division of SFM, The Six Figure Mentors)


  What's Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work

If you have any specific questions or related comments, please leave them in the comment box below and I’ll get back to you asap…generally within 24 to 48 hours with as detailed of answers as I possibly can.  Cheers to Your Success!


All The Best,

Jeremy David Wilson, Founder


PS....To be fully honest and open with you, if you do click on one of the links above and decide to join and/or purchase either one of these online affiliate marketing educational programs, I may earn a commission from your purchase because I am personally a registered "Affiliate Marketer" for both of these programs.  

If you'd like to learn how you too can earn commissions from either one or both of these programs, simply leave me a comment below and let me know and I'll be happy to show you how.  

Thank you in advance for your support and know that the any profits I make from affiliate marketing programs goes towards keeping my websites alive (like this one) so that I can continue to provide you with quality content, information, education and recommendations so that I may in turn help others, just like you and I, who desperately need to find new and better income options for themselves and for their families.  Together we can make the World a better place for us all. - Jeremy Wilson



How To Make Money Online With An Affiliate Program: FREE Step-By-Step Guide



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26 thoughts on “What’s Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work – Online Income Secrets Revealed!

  • Margaret Dudley

    This is very interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger.
    I’ve joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your excellent post.
    Also, I have shared your web site in my social networks!

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hello Margaret,

      Thank you very much, that was really kind of you! Reply back to this message if there are any particular topics you’d like to see me write about in the upcoming weeks.

      All The Best,
      Jeremy Wilson

  • C.Vanwinkle

    I love it when people get together and share thoughts and experiences on products, services and income opportunities.
    Great website and highly informative article, stick with it and thanks for sharing this info!

    Best Regards,

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hello C.Vanwinkle,

      Great to hear from you! Thank you for taking the time to read my article and comment…I’m so glad that you believe it is “highly informative,” as you stated. Is there anything specific that I can help you with? Or is there any particular topic that you’d like to see me write about that isn’t on my website yet?

      If so, please comment below and let me know how to best serve you. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

      All The Best,
      Jeremy Wilson, Founder of FiredOrDenied.com

  • Amado

    Hello Jeremy,

    There is certainly a great deal to find out about the affiliate marketing industry and you have done an amazing job at defining what affiliate marketing really is and how it works for people to begin earning an income from it.

    I really like all of the points you made and I’ll definitely be coming back to read more of your articles. Thank you for taking the time to write this info and for sharing it with everyone.

    I have High Respect for you Sir,

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hello Amado,

      I am honored by your comment and I truly thank you for taking the time to visit my site and share your feedback. Please feel free to share my articles with others of whom you believe they would benefit.

      Thank you for being a loyal reader of my material and if there’s ever anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask by simply leaving a comment anywhere on my site.

      All The Best,
      Jeremy Wilson

  • Angie

    I absolutely love Affiliate programs and would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone !!! It has made such a huge difference in my life !! I am so grateful for it !! And thank you so much for all this wonderful information on Affiliate programs, I was so very new to it before Wealthy Affiliate, and reading info like yours is always helpful !!! Your site looks great and very cheery 🙂 Wishing you all the best !!!

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hello Angie,

      Thank you for stopping by FiredOrDenied.com and sharing your opinions and experiences that you’ve had in the realm of Affiliate Marketing. Is there anything particular that I can help you with today? If so, please reply back by leaving your questions in the comment box below. Thanks again and I look forward to helping you with the best of my abilities!

      All The Best,
      Jeremy David Wilson, founder

  • Nicki

    Hi Jeremy,
    I’m all about learning this affiliate marketing thing! I read an article the other day that says Affiliate marketing is the future of advertising… it’s only going to grow and get bigger. I’m ready to join a program, but I’ve seen a lot of sites that don’t really help. Is there a way I can talk to the other members and see what they have to say about it? I think that’s really the only way to know if a program is legit.
    Thank you for your time,

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hello Nicki,

      Great to have you back and to hear from you again! 🙂

      Yes, there is definitely a way (and an absolutely FREE way at that) to talk to the members at Wealthy Affiliate..and you can ask them ALL the questions that you’d like at absolutely no charge to you, simply by signing up as a “Free Member“…just click on the words, “Free Member” and then fill out the super short form and then complete your profile and then you can begin chatting with any member within the Wealthy Affiliate community to begin getting all the answers that you seek.

      I have no doubt that you’ll be very impressed at how fast people will respond to you there…I know it blew my mind when I first started, that’s for sure!

      Once you’ve joined as a Free member (and remember, they don’t even require a credit card at all for free memberships), and once you’ve begun asking your questions and getting your answers, please stop back by FiredOrDenied.com and let the readers here know about your experience….whether it was a good experience or bad experience….and then feel free to tell us “why” it was either a good or bad experience for you as well….this will be a huge help to others that have the same questions or fears….so Thank you in advance for your participation!

      Click here to “Join for Free with absolutely NO OBLIGATIONS” today.

      All The Best,
      Jeremy David Wilson

  • Debra

    Hi Jeremy,

    I want to promote a site for caregivers of children of any age (focused towards parents, grandparents etc.) . I am a member of Wealthy affiliates and I absolutely love all that is offer there; I simply can’t say enough about them and I do hope your readers here give them a try. Anyways, I was wondering if you knew what affiliate programs would be best to partner with to get the best returns? I have partnered with Amazon already but wondered if you had any other ideas.


    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hello Debra,

      Thanks you so much for visiting my site and its great to hear from you!

      Sounds like you have great ambitions and goals, of which I highly respect! And I’m glad to hear that you’re a respected Premium Member within Wealthy Affiliate…I’ve been getting so much feedback from WA members that it’s simply reinforcing my belief and passion for their educational platform! 🙂

      To answer your question (“what affiliate programs would be best to partner with to get the best returns?”) as you mentioned in your comment above, there are so many that it’s hard for me to answer….however, the cool part about Wealthy Affiliate’s educational training is that they cover every aspect of that very question and so much more. You can learn more HERE.

      ….but in general, if you become a registered member of sites like “Commission Junction” (otherwise known as CJ), or if you google search for the type of product you want to promote (for example: Mountain Bikes + Affiliate Programs) within Google, you may find programs that offer up to 65% in commissions simple for referring buyers to their products and services.

      Does this answer supply the information you were looking for?

      If not or if you want further details, please reply back in the comment box below and specify exactly what it is you’re looking for or what you’re trying to accomplish and I’ll be more than happy to reply back to you (generally within 24 to 48 hours if at all possible) with the answers that you seek.

      Thanks again for visiting FiredOrDenied.com and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

      All The Best,
      Jeremy David Wilson

  • Darren

    I almost forgot. I am not very technical and fear that I won’t be able to create online as I don’t know code. Is this program something I should have schooling for first? Thanks again

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hello Again Darren,

      No worries my friend, guess what??? I’m NOT very technically inclined either…but I took educational courses (and I still continue to do so) from both Wealthy Affiliate and The Six Figure Mentors Digital Experts Academy which is where I learned to build, promote and get active in affiliate marketing from both.

      If you truly desire to build an online business and/or to learn how to make money online, then I highly suggest that you find an educational course that will teach you how to do just that in a step by step fashion, whether it’s either one or both of the courses I mentioned above, or some other course that you’ve found…but definitely begin learning asap! Knowledge is power and knowledge is gained through education and experience.

      Does that answer your question to your satisfaction?

      All The Best,
      Jeremy David Wilson

  • Darren

    This site has helped me a bunch. Here I am searching the internet trying to make some money. I though I could by and sell on Craig’s list. Man it has been a crazy ride with me ending up going all over the place for very little money and some of the people I meet are a little out there. I’m thinking about switch ing gears now though.
    Would you say that you can actually make money for just creating on the internet? Have you done well?

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hi Darren,

      I’m honored that FiredOrDenied and myself have been able to be of such a help and source of reference to you. I have also experienced similar results with trying to sell on Craigslist, so I know what you mean for sure…plus, there’s no way to build a sustainable and/or residual income from CL either (not that I’ve found anyways).

      To Answer your question, Yes…It is a FACT that people ARE actually making money online, and there are so many different ways that a person can accomplish this, however, the least expensive and least overhead (headache) of all of the types of ways that are out there to earn an income online is none other than Affiliate Marketing (for a description of what affiliate marketing really is and what it can do for you, visit this article: What’s Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work – Online Income Secrets Revealed!).

      And Yes, you can do very well at it, however, you MUST understand that it is NOT a get rich quick, or make boatloads of money overnight type of business. You WILL have to work at it! You WILL have to learn it and gain education and understanding of it! You WILL have to build a presence and a reputation online, including building a “trust factor” with your readers and your clients! All of this generally has to be done before any “real” or “big” money starts coming in.

      Remember…It IS a BUSINESS! And most businesses don’t realize their first gross profit until 3 – 5 years from the time they opened their doors….which is the beauty of affiliate programs (affiliate marketing) because you can begin to realize profits generally within your first three to six months depending upon how much time you consistently dedicate to your business.

      Here’s a great saying that goes along with what I just mentioned above, and that is:


      Amazon.com has an affiliate marketing program called: Amazon Associates, and you can actually start selling and promoting millions of various products the moment your associates account has been approved by Amazon…and they provide you with many tools that help enable you to do so. Here’s an article that explains how to get started with Amazon: “How To Make Money Online With An Affiliate Program: FREE Step-By-Step Guide”

      Was this information helpful to you?

      Please let me know by leaving your reply in the comment box below. Thank you and once again, it was great to hear from you!

      All The Best,
      Jeremy David Wilson

  • jagulba

    That’s a very good review on affiliate marketing. I had some experience with it for a bit now and something worth to mention is that if you promote something you should really know its performance and how your costumer will benefit from it. You have to make yourself a brand in this market. So I think we should consider both commission rate and product we are introducing to our customers.what do you think?

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hello Jagulba,

      Thanks so much for stopping by Fired Or Denied and for taking the time to read my articles and leave a comment…I am very grateful! 🙂

      I’m pumped to know that you liked my review on affiliate marketing, especially since you’ve had some experience in it as well. I agree with you about the fact that people should in fact have experience with things that they promote, and that is precisely what we do here at FiredOrDenied.com …and that is to research and test income opportunities by me engaging and going through the courses myself and then writing Review Articles on the outcomes of such so that people can find the answers that they seek and make informed decisions on what they believe will work best for them and their families. Thank you for pointing this out! And yes, you do have to “brand yourself” in this market, and the education one receives at Wealthy Affiliate teaches them how to be successful at doing so, Step by Step. Super cool!

      Now on to your question…I’m not quite clear as to what you’re asking me here, would you please comment back and clarify your question in more detail please?

      Thank you and I look forward to answering you once I completely understand your question.

      All The Best,
      Jeremy David Wilson

      • jagulba

        Hey Jeremy,
        well to be honest , at the beginning I didn’t want to use products of “X” company because their commission rate was like 3%. But now I think that doesn’t matter. I will promote any products as long as I find it useful for my audience even if their commission rate is low, . So I was asking you which one do you think is more important, your audience or commission rate. in mathematical way it would be like this:
        % > audience
        % = audience
        % < audience

        I think it's the last one for me.

        • Jeremy Wilson Post author

          Hey Jagulba, great to hear back from you!

          Yes, I would totally agree with you on this one. I believe that your audience (your readers and subscribers) are FAR MORE IMPORTANT than any commission rate could ever be.

          I live by and practice what I like to call, “Giver’s Gain” which simply means, that I know in my heart that if I give, not only to friends and family, but to the general population….if I give of myself and the knowledge and experiences I have with the true intention of “Helping Others” to improve their life, their decisions or even their finances, then sooner or later, it will all come back around and I will be rewarded accordingly.

          Some people might call this Karma.

          Other’s might call it the Universe’s way of rewarding us.

          Other’s may say it’s the Lord’s will or a blessing from God.

          Whatever anybody calls it, it’s just what I believe and I know that it’s true, honest and beneficial to all those who are around me and those I come in contact with or whomever comes in contact with me or my sites.

          Great point jagulba, and thank you for asking this question as it hits home for me as the root of my passion to help others improve their overall lifestyles in whatever way I possibly can!

          All The Best,
          Jeremy David Wilson

  • Eloah

    Great post about the definition of affiliate marketing. It explains it clearly. Also great options for getting started, specially with Wealthy Affiliate . They have a great program. This post will help lots of people to get started.

    Best wishes!

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hey Eloah,

      Glad you stopped by and found my articles descriptive. So are you a member in Wealthy Affiliate also? If so, are you on their Free Membership or the Premium Membership…..and what has your journey been like with the education that they provide?

      I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

      All The Best,
      Jeremy David Wilson

  • Steve Potter

    Hi Jeremy, great website and post… You nailed it on the head here! Wealthy Affiliate University is absolutely awesome; I know I am a member too. I have always wanted to start my own online business but was hesitant and scared because I didn’t know where to start and I had no mentor. A few months ago I came across WA and decided to give the free training a try and WOW I was blown away. Awesome stuff… I quickly went Premium and haven’t looked back. Several months later, I now have a few affiliate marketing websites, and I’m now teaching my 19 y/o son the business too. The sky is the limit. All the best to you!!

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hello Steve,

      Thank you for the compliments and affirmations! 🙂

      That’s awesome that you’ve gained such knowledge and experience in only a few months of being a member at Wealthy Affiliate…so Kudos to you! I’m really impressed that you’re now teaching these skills to your 19 year old son! I sure wish someone would have taught me something this powerful at only 19…I’d be set for life by now for sure!

      Since we’re talking about the youth here, do you agree with what I talk about in my post named: “No One Ever Told Us That: Money and Life Lessons for Young Adults” ???

      All The Best,
      Jeremy David Wilson

  • PJ

    Hi Jeremy,

    Well, first off I must say you have a very professional looking site. Congrats.

    Thanks for highlighting the importance of affiliate marketing and how it can benefit people who need to earn extra cash.

    I like your site name too – fired or denied. It really relates and resonates with people who are in these situations and who need help. So once again, well done!

    • Jeremy Wilson Post author

      Hello PJ,

      That’s quite the compliment, Thank you very much! You’re most welcome for the info on affiliate marketing and I’m excited to know that it is beneficial to you and to others…that’s the entire reason I do this is to help others learn how to make money online, especially through affiliate marketing programs.

      Yeah, the name “Fired or Denied / FiredOrDenied.com” came from my passion for people that have had a rough time getting a good paying job, for whatever reason…as I have also been in situations that have left me wondering why nobody wants to hire me for even half of what my previous salaries prove I’m worth. That problem ENDS HERE at FiredOrDenied.com as the entire goal for this site is to help people find non-traditional income options that are better than any J.O.B. could ever offer! It’s time people stand up for themselves and say, “Stick it to the Man” and begin an online business of their own that will bring them so many more rewards than a crap job ever would or could!

      Thanks again for stopping by my website and for taking the time to read through it. Do you have any questions for me at this time?

      I look forward to hearing back from you and I wish you many blessings and much prosperity!

      All The Best,
      Jeremy David Wilson, Founder